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I started my handlettering experiment about two years ago. It started with a friend remarking that my handwriting was gorgeous and since I have always admired handlettering kind of illustrations, I gave it a try out of curiosity. It was for fun at the start, knowing that I have not found my style yet but until this autumn – I got commissioned to design a wedding stationery and 1st birthday party invitation because the clients loved my handlettering “portfolio” I occasionally posted on my Instagram. When they got in touch asking me to use my awesome handlettering skills to design their invitations, I was terrified but being brilliant at giving myself a pep talk, I said yes with no regrets. I am sharing a selection of handlettering I did in 2015, including the commissioned ones. I hope you like them!

you had me at hello

thank you

Do Something New Blog

Do Something New

tie the knot wedding invitation

Save The Date invitation for a client – I am still working on the rest of the wedding stationery, which is exciting!

Birthday Invitation

I designed a rather cute 1st birthday party invitation and to my delight, the client loved it. I might be able to share the whole look later this year.


I made this mini print to include my orders for you to, hopefully, put up on your walls because you know, you are awesome!

merry christmas

Shop Small This Christmas blog

Shop Small this Christmas

Thank you Blog

Handlettering for my “Thank You!” square card

Happy Birthday Blog

Handlettering for my “Happy Birthday To You” square card

Happy Christmas Blog

Happy New Year

As I enjoy handlettering and aspire to improve – I will definitely continue this year and hopefully I will get to design more invitations.

Show me yours if you handletter like me!

If you enjoy my illustrations, please consider supporting what I do!

6 comments on “My Handlettering

  1. Fiona

    I think your handwriting is awesome too! You have a distinct style that definitely fits in nicely with stationery :)

  2. Jane Y.

    Lovely! I have terrible handwriting but I have always wanted to do hand lettering. It was something I wanted to practice last year – just buying a book of fonts and things and practicing that way (tracing and then free hand) but I never got around to it. Perhaps this year :)

    1. Katrina Post author

      Thank you so much! Yes, I agree – that certain handlettering style that many people is aiming for is lovely but just not for me. I like to keep it natural as much as possible!

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