20 washi tapes designed by Katrina SophiaI launched my first ever range of washi tapes in late 2021 and in the last two years I’ve added 10 more designs, 4 of which are newly launched: Ladybird, Cacti, Ferns, and Bat. I am excited about the bat design because it was my first time selling something in the Halloween theme! But never fear - this tape is so lovely you can use it all year round. 

The other 6 designs were created as part of the English Garden collection in 2022. 

I am pleased to now offer a total of 20 designs. I still have so many ideas I want to bring to life, and I am excited to expand the range in coming years. Let's take a dive into the world of washi tapes to explore their versatility and the endless creativity they offer.

1. Super versatile

Washi tapes are known for being very versatile. They stick easily to many surfaces like paper, cardboard, glass, and plastic. This makes them super useful for all kinds of creative projects. You can use them to make handmade greeting cards, decorate scrapbooks, or jazz up your home decorations. I love securing envelopes and gifts with washi tapes, just to make recipients smile! I usually use kraft brown wrapping paper because washi tapes always look great with it. With so many assorted colours and patterns to choose from, you can always find a washi tape that's just right for your project. 

2. Peel and reposition with ease

Washi tapes are not only versatile but also very forgiving. The sticky part on the back is so gentle you can easily stick and unstick them without ruining your project - handy if you're a perfectionist (or even if you're not)! You can change your mind and move the tape until you're happy with how it looks. Washi tapes are fantastic for putting your postcards up on the wall as they rarely leave any damage or marks when you remove them.

3. Many wonderful designs

There are plenty of different designs of washi tape out there. You can find tapes with flowers, leaves, shapes, animals, food, and even ones for different holidays. This means you can be really creative with your projects. You can mix and match tapes to create unique patterns or use them to make your existing designs even better. The possibilities are endless.

4. Useful for getting organised

Washi tapes aren't just for making things look pretty. They're also very practical. You can use them to colour-code things, label stuff, or make visual schedules and lists. They make organising things a bit more fun!

5. Eco-friendly tape alternative

Washi tapes are eco-friendly, as they are made of traditional Japanese rice paper which comes from natural fibres such as bamboo, hemp, or tree bark. The paper tape and its adhesive are both biodegradable and compostable. I supply my washi tapes in their own cardboard boxes for safe keeping, which is also recyclable.

In short, washi tapes are more than just colourful sticky stuff. They're like a magical tool for your creativity, making your DIY projects special and unique. With their versatility, ease of use, and lots of design options, they're a must-have for anyone who enjoys being crafty. 

So, whether you're an experienced crafter or just starting out, give washi tapes a try. These little rolls of joy can turn ordinary things into something amazing and let your creativity shine.

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