Can I visit your studio?

Sadly, I cannot accommodate visits at present but if I relocate to a studio separate to my home, I may consider opening it to the public.

Are you open to commissions and collaborations?

Sometimes! I am not always available, especially during product launches or market seasons. You are welcome to get in touch and check!

Can you make a customised version of a product?

No, you only can buy my products as they are. I outsource the printing of my products and order them in bulk, so it is not possible for me to offer a custom service. However, if you have a suggestion, you are welcome to get in touch as I always value my customers’ feedback.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes, I ship worldwide! Entering your home address will provide you with an estimated shipping cost before you checkout.

Do you have this print in ‘x’ size?

I have prints from A5 to A3 sizes on my web shop. If you are looking for a larger size, I can make a special order for you! I also can order prints of any of my existing illustrations that catch your eye on my social media. These are giclee prints so they cost a little more than the standard price.

Do you sell your products on a wholesale basis?

Absolutely yes! Please email me with your information (name, location, and details of your website if you have one) and I’ll send over a wholesale catalogue straightaway.

How are the designs created?

I create all the designs from my original watercolour paintings, which are then scanned and edited on the computer.

Where else can I buy Katrina Sophia products from?

Aside from my web shop you can buy my products on Etsy, or if you prefer to stay local many stockists hold a selection of my products. Take a look at my stockist list and just contact them directly if you want to know which Katrina Sophia products they currently have in stock!

How can I receive updates about your new products?

You can sign up to my mailing list to receive the newsletter I send out every time I launch a product or collection. You also get an exclusive discount and early access to sales!

Why are all your ceramics sold out?

My ceramics are individually hand built in very small quantities. They are one off pieces and so they tend to sell out very quickly! You can sign up to my mailing list to be notified when the next batch of ceramics are ready to shop.

Due to the global pandemic, I haven't been able to access the kiln studio and make any more of my highly coveted egg dishes for over a year. Please bear with me as I don’t know exactly when I will pick up ceramics again. However, if you are looking to purchase a ceramic piece, I can definitely recommend some amazing potters, so just get in touch!