The Ferns collection is here!

I started painting ferns in July. I was seeing ferns everywhere at that time; in the back garden I have a huge bush of ferns which has started to spread on the other side of the garden. I saw more during my walks, growing wild in the woods or emerging from the stone walls on my route. I absolutely enjoyed studying ferns and their intricate leaf detail, so I was eager to replicate this beauty on paper.

Ferns card collectionAs references I used my own photos, together with a few vintage books on ferns. Because of how detailed ferns are, each piece took longer than usual to finish but it was really rewarding when I saw the collection starting to come together and look wonderful. 

I’ve also thrown in something different in some of the designs, namely anemone and forget-me-not flowers, and these images work well alongside the ferns! 

There are 5 new cards, a postcard set, 4 individual postcards, a washi tape and 2 prints!

ferns-washi-tapeI am elated with how this collection has turned out. I love everything I have created but I am particularly delighted with the washi tape - it works so well with my fern paintings! I hope you enjoy my new collection as much as I do.

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