Celebrate the natural world through watercolours

And feel inspired to spend more time outdoors

Hello! I’m Katrina, and I illustrate and design botanical homeware and gifts in Nottingham. You could say I quite like plants. (Okay, I’m obsessed. I’ve got well over 100 thriving houseplants *and* a vegetable garden.) 

As well as plants, my other love is being creative. My childhood was filled with cereal box craft projects and colourful, bursting diaries, so I knew I wanted to do something creative when I grew up. 

My ‘aha!’ moment came when I was invited to exhibit at a craft fair in late 2014 and said yes, despite never having done it before. It never occurred to me to put my illustrations on products before that, which is funny because I’ve always enjoyed collecting pretty cards and notebooks. Now I don’t know why I didn’t think to do it sooner! 

My core values (And what they mean for you)


I’m constantly improving to make sure you always get the highest-quality products.

My customers

Your belief in me means everything, so I handwrite every single thank-you note.


I only use FSC-certified and recycled paper, with water or vegetable-based inks, and recyclable packaging.

Love nature

I use my business to raise awareness about nature (and to encourage appreciating it!).


I'm open about my processes, and I always do my best to help if you have any questions or feedback.

Every Katrina Sophia product starts as an original, hand-painted watercolour illustration. I love using watercolours because I can be really precise and add delicate details with vibrant hues. 

My botanical paintings are then printed across a diverse range of high-quality cards, prints, homeware, stationery, and accessories. (I’m fussy about quality, and always make sure everything is done properly. I even turn my ideas into prototypes before committing to orders!)

I feel so much joy when I get to personally pack your orders in my studio and send them out on my daily walkies with my greyhound companion, Bonnie. (And I get to look at plants and flowers while we’re out!)

You might have guessed… the natural world is the greatest influence on my work. Whether I’m wandering through my wild garden, strolling through the countryside, flicking through vintage natural history books from charity shops, or of course, caring for my vast houseplant collection, I’m always on the lookout for my next nature-inspired design.

I really believe in the importance of connecting with nature and each other

✿ Nature brings joy, so nature-themed greeting cards can bring even more joy.

✿ Plants provide mental health benefits, so decorating your space with nature-themed products (as well as real houseplants!) can reduce anxiety and boost your mood.

✿ We need to appreciate nature’s beauty and do as much as we can to help the environment.

I’m fuelled by the issues of climate change and littering, so I do my bit for society by recycling, practising veganism, buying from zero waste shops, growing my own food, and picking up litter.

Want to know some things most people don’t know about me? To start, I’m half New Zealander and I’m very bad at maths. And I *love* the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World films – basically any films featuring big monsters. (Maybe it’s all the natural scenery?)

I'm also profoundly deaf and use British Sign Language to communicate in person. I don’t let my deafness define me, and actually, it’s the reason I started my own business and am now living a creative life I love.

Botanical and beautifully designed

Katrina Sophia products bring a touch of greenery to unexpected corners of your home, adding a little bit of delight to your daily life. Don’t forget to make time to get outside and smell the flowers.

Got a question?

I love hearing from my wonderful customers. Let me know if you have any questions, big or small (or check out my FAQs page).