Experimenting With Clay Part 3

In January, I decided to make at least one clay piece per month, and here they are! I don’t love all of them, I’m particularly unsure about the mushroom ones but as always I had a lot of fun making them start to end.

Last year I tried a few different air dry clays – FIMO Professional, DAS, and Claydium – and this time I used Scola clay, which is definitely the best of all so far. It is a clay that can be both air dried and fired – although it is not designed as a firing clay. The clay feels like a really good quality clay, with the right amount of moisture and great pliability. My only complaint is that they don’t have natural white or cream toned clay – I would really love those! They only have terracotta and buff clays, and the latter comes out quite dull in colour. The terracotta one is really lovely though especially when being varnished with a gloss sealer. I am pleased with my terracotta pots and dishes – I love their simple patterns and they look lovely together!

Because this clay has a better consistency than others I’ve tried, I finally mastered the coiling method and while it was time draining, it was enjoyable and a good way to make flat bottomed pots.

This mushroom pendant is made with FIMO Air, which after a lot of experimenting I really love. I also used it for my clay jewellery that I sell on the shop.

I am ready for my next batch, and I will try to post work-in-progress pictures over on Instagram before I finish them! This is more of a personal project than business, so I keep forgetting to share.

I hope you like them, and if you have used an air dry clay before I would love to know what you made!

9 comments on “Experimenting With Clay Part 3

  1. Fee

    Ahhh they are super cute, I love the cat, especially the white against the terracotta (?!?) Oh and I love the blue and white! I bought some dark blue glaze but it needs a really high firing temp, so I have to wait till I make a whole kiln load of stuff before I can see how it turns out – might take me 10 years – clay is slow but definitely rewarding :) :)

  2. Romica

    Hi Katarina, I personally really love the mushrooms. The colours are amazing. I thought about restarting my clay adventures and currently have a DAS block of clay at home. However, I’m still wondering how to seal them. Would you have any product recommendations that worked for you? Thank you, from a fellow illustrator from Manchester :)


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