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The Joy Of Walking

hat & socks c/o RMBLR

Walking is becoming one of my favourite things. Especially in parks and nature reserves where I can enjoy the wonder of nature. I have always liked walking – when I lived in Queens Road Peckham I would often visit Peckham Rye Park for a good few hours. But my love of walking has definitely grown since I moved to Nottingham, with Wollaton Deer Park almost down the road. And since I got a car last year, I have been able to visit the Peak District and any other nature reserves as much as I want.

Walking for me is fun and calming in equal measure. It is mostly where inspiration strikes, given that nature is the biggest subject of my art. It also gives me an opportunity to really stand back from my business and life in general, as well as doing some self reflection. I resort to walking if I am stifled with a creative rut or extreme stress, especially to new places for a change of scenery. The fact that I also get some exercise is a bonus!

There are parks and nature reserves in mind I want to visit this year and I am excited to check them out, collecting ideas and having a happy time!

Introducing RMBLR



rmblr-socksphotos in courtesy of RMBLR

I have a love for the British countryside, despite living in and near London most of my life. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to live in a cottage, look after pet chickens, make my own cheese, and have a field for my garden. I just wish that spiders as big as my hand didn’t exist!

I don’t go out to the countryside enough. Now that I live in Nottingham with a new car, it is more accessible and I intend to go out for walks and explore my local countryside as much as I can in 2017. I’ve been to the Peak District and Wollaton Park a few times this year, and loved them!

RMBLR, launching today, is a British made outdoor lifestyle brand and it is right up my alley. Everything about their products; classic designs, earthy colours and thoughtful textures, are gorgeous, and the brand’s whole feel has me craving to drop everything what I am doing and go out for a wintery walk.

The brand’s inspiration comes from the Mass trespass of Kinder Scout – in 1932 a group of ramblers led by Benny Rothman trespassed the part of Peak District National Park, where government denied public access. This act of civil disobedience was one of the most successful in British history and secured the right to ramble. Read their story here.

If you browse RMBLR’s products on their shop, you will know where exactly each of them are made in and the inspiration behind their names, which makes those carefully thought out products extra special. I look forward to trying them when I go out for a walk, celebrating the right to ramble and wonderful nature that is available to us for free.

“In the digital age where our purpose seems less defined, the need for us to protect our relationship with nature and each other is all the more important. Go forth, just as those who came before us did. Take a trip. Escape.”

Get to know to RMBLR more by reading their founder, Fred’s interview with Proper, and this article by Huck x RMBLR about hiking through the UK’s most iconic rave spots.

Are you a city, country or bit of both person? I think I am the latter. :)

End Of The Road Festival


Hello EOTR!




























Trying on cool sunglasses.



Drinking gin and tonic at midday.



Slightly sunburnt at the end.






Nothing fancy – I used my compact digital camera as I didn’t want to take the risk of bringing my DSLR. I could have taken more photos, especially of all the lovely food I have eaten but I was having too good (and chilled) time to remember to take my camera out.

Speaking of food, I enjoyed everything we ate – fish & chips (we opted for white bait instead of the usual), pizza from Pizza Tabun (best pizza I have ever tasted), Goan fish curry, pie & mash, grilled cheese sandwich and some delicious alpine street food (melted raclette cheese on new potatoes, french sausage and coleslaw- dream come true!).

I enjoyed most of the music we went to listen but what stood out for me are Brakes (my favourite I think!), Natalie Prass, Fuzz, Human Pyramids and The Black Tambourines.

Check out this cool video of EOTR’s setups. Have you been to any festivals this year?

Charity Shop Finds


As you may or may not know, we have moved! We have moved from Elephant & Castle to Lee Green. Moving in Lee means we now live a little further away from central but we pay the same cost of rent for much bigger place, which we are over the moon about. The house has two bedrooms and one of them with wood floor is now my studio! Aneurin’s commute to work (he is a web developer and works in Soho) is not too bad, he is just having to leave 15 minutes earlier than usual. We are also relieved that our new place is warm and well maintained, unlike our old flat – living there over the cold months was terrible.

Where we are living, are close to lot of things – train stations (four!!), parks, restaurants and town centres. On the other day, I checked out Eltham High Street for the first time and it was a nice town with surprisingly friendly people. I might be dreaming but I felt that people were friendler than those I’ve encountered in my old area.

There are three or four good charity shops and naturally I am pleased about them. I bought those lovely plates and espresso cups from one of them for only £4. I am big on thrifting – the minute I walk in one of those shops, I always find something beautiful AND cheap. Knowing that money is going to the charity is a big bonus!

Christmas Joy


Did you have a merry Christmas? I did! Always good to spend some time with family and play a lot of board games, even though I kept losing..

I got money for christmas as well as lots of nice little things such as polaroid cheese slicer, perfume and notebooks. I haven’t blogged about my birthday few weeks ago but my amazing boyfriend gave me a new iMac for my birthday stroke Christmas present! I am very lucky.

What did you get for Christmas?

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Atlas Addict + Other Things


I am thrilled that the film photographs I took in Majorca – Sóller to be specific – are now on Atlas Addict! Atlas Addict is an amazing website that provides “photographic travel guides that allow readers to explore the world and plan their trips visually”. I’ve also included a mini guide – must see and eat. If you could check it out and tell me what you think, it would make me happy!

Other things:

I’ve been stuck in my flat all week fighting my bad flu, which really sucked because I have so many things to do – the commissions to finish and christmas stall to prep, which is merely two weeks away. I would have dragged myself to the studio but with my photography job tomorrow night, I have to get better again otherwise I’ll be forced to cancel and let my client down massively, which I really don’t want to happen.

My cold seems to be improving today with dizziness gone so I am feeling positive about tomorrow even though I won’t be 100% better. GO ME. I am also looking forward to be able to go back to my work routine and continue painting commissions next week.

Please don’t think that I have lost interest in your blogs due to lack of comments/ replies from me – I just need to improve my schedule juggling! Any tips, do send them my way.





JK1_3438Nikon D700

Good morning!

I treated myself a bouquet of flowers yesterday afternoon after the week of working hard on my current commission in the studio back in Peckham. I’ve also got two more commissions to complete before Christmas too so my schedule for the next couple months is going to be really tight, if I predict correctly and I sadly had to turn down couple of commission queries. All three commissions are oil paintings, so they would take a lot of time to finish and especially dry.

I am always keeping myself busy with few quick commissions, projects and designing for future products but it has been a while that I get fully booked for few months. And I am not complaining! I am pleased that they chose me to paint something for them to give to their loved ones on Christmas Day! It is also nice to paint with oil for change and for a while.

The flowers are so pretty, aren’t they? I love the happy autumn-y colours in them. I got them from Lidl when I stopped by to get some butter croissants for this morning.

Later today, I am going to one of my best friends’ 26th and working on my personal project tomorrow.

Doing anything nice this weekend? Have a good one!