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The Joy Of Walking

hat & socks c/o RMBLR

Walking is becoming one of my favourite things. Especially in parks and nature reserves where I can enjoy the wonder of nature. I have always liked walking – when I lived in Queens Road Peckham I would often visit Peckham Rye Park for a good few hours. But my love of walking has definitely grown since I moved to Nottingham, with Wollaton Deer Park almost down the road. And since I got a car last year, I have been able to visit the Peak District and any other nature reserves as much as I want.

Walking for me is fun and calming in equal measure. It is mostly where inspiration strikes, given that nature is the biggest subject of my art. It also gives me an opportunity to really stand back from my business and life in general, as well as doing some self reflection. I resort to walking if I am stifled with a creative rut or extreme stress, especially to new places for a change of scenery. The fact that I also get some exercise is a bonus!

There are parks and nature reserves in mind I want to visit this year and I am excited to check them out, collecting ideas and having a happy time!

Introducing RMBLR



rmblr-socksphotos in courtesy of RMBLR

I have a love for the British countryside, despite living in and near London most of my life. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to live in a cottage, look after pet chickens, make my own cheese, and have a field for my garden. I just wish that spiders as big as my hand didn’t exist!

I don’t go out to the countryside enough. Now that I live in Nottingham with a new car, it is more accessible and I intend to go out for walks and explore my local countryside as much as I can in 2017. I’ve been to the Peak District and Wollaton Park a few times this year, and loved them!

RMBLR, launching today, is a British made outdoor lifestyle brand and it is right up my alley. Everything about their products; classic designs, earthy colours and thoughtful textures, are gorgeous, and the brand’s whole feel has me craving to drop everything what I am doing and go out for a wintery walk.

The brand’s inspiration comes from the Mass trespass of Kinder Scout – in 1932 a group of ramblers led by Benny Rothman trespassed the part of Peak District National Park, where government denied public access. This act of civil disobedience was one of the most successful in British history and secured the right to ramble. Read their story here.

If you browse RMBLR’s products on their shop, you will know where exactly each of them are made in and the inspiration behind their names, which makes those carefully thought out products extra special. I look forward to trying them when I go out for a walk, celebrating the right to ramble and wonderful nature that is available to us for free.

“In the digital age where our purpose seems less defined, the need for us to protect our relationship with nature and each other is all the more important. Go forth, just as those who came before us did. Take a trip. Escape.”

Get to know to RMBLR more by reading their founder, Fred’s interview with Proper, and this article by Huck x RMBLR about hiking through the UK’s most iconic rave spots.

Are you a city, country or bit of both person? I think I am the latter. :)

Introducing Aneurin




That handsome man is my boyfriend, Aneurin!

Last year we bumped into each other in Berlin after 7 long years. We went to the same boarding school but we never spoke, even the fact that he was in the same year as my older sister! They weren’t close due to their different means of communication – Aneurin was oral and knew a very little sign language while my sister was a full sign language user and don’t speak.

In Berlin, we got really well despite our differences of language but it helped that he knew a bit of sign language and I could speak (just not very well).

He brought up that he worked in London (he commuted from Reading at that time) and asked whether I would be up to meeting for dinner when we return from our holidays. I thought he was just looking for a friendship when he was actually falling for me, and then before we actually met up few weeks later, my feelings for him blossomed when we emailed back and forth. I’d realise how super lovely he was and that we had very similar interests, value, and humour.

But what confirmed my feelings for him was when I suddenly got really nervous before our ‘first date’ in Soho and luckily our feelings for each other were mutual as we had our first kiss right outside Oxford Circus tube station at the end of the night.

How did you meet your partners? Nothing is TMI!

Positive Thinking

Ok, I have another and very late new year resolution. It is…

Positive thinking.

I’d like to think myself as a positive person but having a business review chat with my mum recently, she told me honestly that I could be really negative when it comes to stress and from there I’ve come to realisation that I am slowly turning into a negative person lately.

I worry all the time, I say “but what if” to almost everything, I don’t do things because I don’t believe that I can do them and so on. I am not constantly like this but on my bad days, I get negative and fall apart when I could have stayed postive, such as solving problems or accepting that they happens. And I notice that I tend to rely on people’s encouragment and reassurance to make myself feel/ stay positive.

The realisation is not all from my mum, it is also from me. There were times I was so sick of worrying and holding myself back. Sometimes I put myself down to the fact I was negative. I want to be free of that – I know that worrying, being negative is natural but too much of that is not healthy.

I want to turn my “I can’t” into “I can”. I want to train my mind to see the good in every situation and make positive thinking my habit. in a nutshell, I want to be more positive this year because you know, positive thinking equals positive life!

Would you say you are a positive, negative or a bit of both person?

Achievements + Aspirations

Happy New Year!

Before I start writing about my achievements from 2013 and aspirations for 2014 (hello!), I’d like to say massive thank you to those who supported my little art business and blog that I’ve put all of my heart and time into full-time. While I love being full time artist/ photographer/ blogger, it has been tough in terms of finance and time so your endless support – all the likes, comments, retweets and many more – has helped me so much, to storm through those difficult days and cherish those good days. Millions of thank yous coming your way!

Nikon F4-6

2013 Achievements


Yeah, I did it! Over the summer, I spontaneously “lived” in Germany for a month and half. I drew stuff every single day, mainly experiemented with different mediums I didn’t usually use. It was pretty amazing, I was an artist who wasn’t willing to try something new (crazy) and now I am the opposite.


I am not sure how well I did – I ran often during spring and summer but later at the colder days, I lacked motivation. With my awfully unfit self, I found it tricky to really get into it and to make up for it, I also started going for a swim last September which turned out a more suitable form of exercise for me. Despite my lack of motivation in running, I am actually impressed with myself that I tried even though I couldn’t really run well. I want to try to continue when it gets warmer out, mixing up my exercise with swimming too.


I’ve been good with money. I’ve had few naughty sprees but I kept my eyes on my balance and constantly gave myself limited budgets. Being a full time artist, I have to be responsible with money to be able to live a life. I do buy all the stuff discounted but this year I am hoping to stop buying too many shoes, no matter how cheap they are..

2014 Aspirations


I remind myself every year to be more organised. I got a little more organised last year when I discovered Bullet Journal, that is all. I am always behind with all of my paperworks, losing stuff and forgetting things and I want to totally change that.


I eat and drink relatively well and this year I want to eat better. In smaller portions, especially. I often eat salad for lunch but I make them in huge portions. I’d like to reduce my intakes of fizzy drinks and Minstrels too.

What is your new year resolution and what have you achieved last year? Leave me a link if you have written a post something like that, I’d love to read them!