Artist In The Limelight: Eloise Georgia Mae

So glad to have Eloise as July’s Artist In The Limelight, she is a talented artist and fun blogger!

Hey Eloise! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Well hi! My name is Eloise Georgia Mae, I am currently hanging out in little New Zealand finishing up my bachelors in visual arts soon to start my honours. I have 5 siblings and 2 dogs and 2 turtles. I’m better at talking than writing. When I’m not making art I spend my days with pruned hands teaching swimming.

Eloise Georgia Mae Artist In The Limelight 1

How did you become an artist?

I actually kind of fell into art, I’ve always been the creative child, the ‘bright child’ but it wasn’t until late in highschool that I realised I did have an inkling of talent and so I basically just walked into an art degree with one eye open.

How would you describe your art?

My practise is always in a state of flux. On any given day it can be messy and heavy or delicate and laboured. But always very gestural.
Eloise Georgia Mae Artist In The Limelight 4

Who or what inspires your work?

Things I touch inspire my work. I like working with my hands so it’s different things that I come across by way of touch. Also shapes are a biggy, not necessarily what that shape belongs to.

What is your favourite piece you have ever produced?

I guess it would be this green piece {on the left}… I have had many offers for it but i just can’t bring myself to part from it.

Who is your favourite artist if you have one?

I really don’t have one but currently I am taken with Kathy Butterly’s work and will forever love De Kooning.

What advice or tips would you share with a fellow artist?

Take a break when you need a break. I can literally not make art for weeks but there is nothing worse than a work that is subpar and contrived (unpopular opinion). Do something different. Throw yourself into research. And most of all, my favourite saying “you do you”.

Thanks Eloise for wicked answers!

Her little ceramics are just lovely, aren’t they? Do follow her on her blog, Facebook pageTwitter and Instagram.

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3 comments on “Artist In The Limelight: Eloise Georgia Mae

  1. Angel Y.

    I love what Eloise said about taking breaks. There are weeks when I can’t do something or force myself to do something creatively and I have to find another creative outlet. Her work is wonderful and she’s so talented.

  2. Mili

    She sounds like an inspiring lady and artist! I can see why that green painting she made is her fav :)



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