I introduced wooden hanging decorations to my shop last year. The designs were Christmassy, and I thought that since the majority of my products are botanical themed I should design some more hanging decorations and make them houseplant leaf shaped!

I picked out five of the world’s favourite houseplants with stunning patterns and shapes - Watermelon Peperomia, spotted Angel Wing Begonia, Monstera Monkey Mask, classic Monstera Deliciosa, and pink tinged Maranta aka the praying plant. 

Five wooden hanging decorations all shaped of houseplant leaves with green cotton twines: watermelon peperomia, monstera deliciosa, monkey mask plant, maranta and begonia angel wingThese leafy hanging decorations started off as watercolour paintings, and then were UV printed on die-cut birch plywood. The UV printing means that the designs are scratch and water resistant. They are finished with beautiful cotton twine strings in green hues.

I may launch them before Christmas, as they are not specifically meant for Christmas tree decoration- in fact, they can be hung on the wall all year round!

I couldn’t be happier with my new hanging decorations, and I hope you will agree that they make brilliant gifts for houseplant enthusiasts! I am excited about creating new designs in the future, because I really love adding this kind of product to my range and seeing how my watercolour illustrations look when printed on wood.

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