English Garden card collection featuring floral and garden-themed illustrationsThe English Garden collection is here!

These designs are influenced by my newly discovered passion for gardening and growing food. I've enjoyed challenging myself with painting vegetables, gardening tools, flowers, and little garden friends! 

This collection is by far my longest project - I spent half a year on it, mostly painting various vegetables and gardening tools repeatedly until I was happy with them. These were subjects I wasn’t used to painting - I had definitely become too comfortable painting houseplant leaves!  I am just glad that I started early, so I can launch in time for Top Drawer, my first and only tradeshow of the year.

I am thrilled to introduce something a little different to my full product range. I am looking forward to fulfilling the wishes of those customers who said they would love to see some gardening themed cards and stationery. 

I am really pleased with the new cards and I love how they look together as a collection. I am particularly delighted with their colourful appearance, as opposed to the green themes of my current houseplant cards! I am also satisfied to be offering a wider choice for baby and congratulations cards.

The collection includes 9 new greeting cards, 2 desk pads, 2 list pads, a planner, 3 washi tapes, a postcard set, and a print. I have so many more ideas and I'm excited to expand the collection in the future! 

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