I started off really well on being creative every day in January and struggled a lot in February due to our big move to Nottingham from London and the fact we were decorating rooms straightaway.

If you follow me on Instagram you could see that the majority of work I did in February are line drawings. I carried my sketchbook and fine liner very close to me, and was able to find a little time to take them out and draw something whatever inspired me at that time. Being wiped out from driving for nearly 4 hours each way when we returned to London to clean up our previous property and hand over keys, I had to give myself a permission to skip two days of drawing and try not to feel too bad about it. I hope to make up for it by painting two extra pictures some point this year!

The collection got quite inconsistent in terms of topic because I have kind of lost my bearings as I got distracted and was only thinking about the new house. The drawings were quite random- from packing boxes to illustrative cat to house plants.

I did 7 paintings with watercolour, and oil before I got busy. I really like what I did with my Frida Kahlo painting, which was received well and I have sold two prints.

My thoughts while being creative every day (almost!) in February:

  • Trying to draw something and not feeling inspired while being super busy and distracted is pretty tricky.
  • I really love drawing plants!
  • Painting Frida Kahlo, I realised I've missed painting portraits (and I have been looking to book in some portrait commissions, get in touch if you'd like a beautiful portrait for yourself or as a gift!).
  • I am so touched for the purchases of my Frida Kahlo prints. It is nice to have a bit of money to pay for canvases, which I realised that they actually cost a lot when I decided to paint with oil most of the time for my year of creative habits. Thank you!
  • I could sense a decrease in excitement about my daily art from my followers and friends, I even lost a few followers (I try not to be too bothered about it!) and I worry that I disappoint. I also worry that I didn't make enough effort to create something bigger or greater these days but I really feel that I tried my hardest. I am looking forward when I settle in fully and find my groove again.

I hope you guys enjoy my collection of random line drawings and I'll catch up with you very soon!