When October arrived, I jumped to join Inktober, where artists all over the world take on a drawing challenge by creating one ink drawing a day for the entire month. Instead of following an official prompt list, I decided to create mini portraits of inspiring women.

At the start of the challenge, I was a bit disappointed with how my portraits turned out - I thought they could be better. However, I then realised that what matters most is the subject and the meaning behind these illustrations, rather than how technically proficient they are. The fact that I am having a lot of fun with this project and improving my portrait drawing skills also matters.

This project has become something I am really proud of! I am also grateful for the warm reception towards this little project. After someone suggested that I should turn these mini portraits into a small coffee table book, I am seriously considering it. However, since it might be costly, I might opt for a zine style instead to keep the costs down.

I hope you enjoyed my mini portraits of inspiring women.

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