Terms and Conditions


  • All instances of ‘me’, ‘myself’, ‘I’ etc. refer to Katrina Sophia individually.
  • All instances of “Katrina Sophia” refer to the business entity Katrina Sophia rather than the individual.

Web Store

  • All products available for purchase through this website (hereafter referred to as simply ‘my products’) are based on original artwork by myself.
  • I reserve the right to be credited as the sole creator of all of my products and artwork therein.
  • Any use of my products (or artwork therein) in your own materials of any kind, including websites and social media, must include clear attribution to me as their sole creator.
  • You may not reproduce my products (or artwork therein) in any way without written permission from myself nor without clear attribution to me as their original and sole creator.
  • You will not resell my products or the artwork therein.


  • All Terms and Conditions applicable to the Web Store are applicable to wholesale orders also, with the exception that you may resell my products only in the same condition and form in which you received them and preserving attribution to myself as their sole creator.
  • I offer reduced prices for bulk wholesale orders but small orders (by my own judgment) will be charged at the price displayed on the Web Store.
  • To place a wholesale order you must place an enquiry via my contact form rather than placing your order via the web store.

Pricing + Payment

  • I reserve the right to change the prices of products on my website at any time.
  • I promise that my prices are genuine and sensible.
  • Payment for products from the Web Store will be made securely via PayPal.
    • You do not need to be a PayPal member to pay for products [bought on the Web Store] via PayPal; an option is available on the PayPal checkout to simply enter your debit or credit card details without registering an account with PayPal.
  • Payment for Wholesale orders will be made via a direct payment with PayPal or via BACS, as agreed with me.

Refunds + Returns

  • If you receive your product in a damaged condition, please contact me with photographic proof of damage. If I agree that the product is damaged I will be happy either to refund your order or, if you prefer, to ship a replacement to you free of charge. You do not need to return the damaged product.
  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of your product, you may return it for a full refund. Please contact me to request my return address.
  • Any refund or return must be requested within 10 days of the date of shipment. I will not accept refund or return requests after 10 days.


  • Any artwork you commission from me will be unique and created bespoke according to your requirements, as agreed with me.
  • You must provide me with an image of at-least-reasonable quality and size reflecting the content basis of your commission. I will not begin a commission without a clear visual reference.
  • I will not reproduce or resell images that you provide me nor any information about them. After a commission is complete I will delete all reference images to protect your privacy.
  • All commissioned artwork will reflect of the content of image references you provide me, but in my own style. I will not accept your commission request if I am expected to imitate another artist’s work. It is assumed that you understand what constitutes ‘my own style’ based on other original artwork that I post on my website and blog.
  • You may enquire about commissioning me via my contact form.


  • I will not display the final piece publicly (e.g. for advertising purposes) without acquiring your written permission beforehand.
  • I will not reproduce or resell a commission piece unless you personally ask for it. If you would like additional prints made, for instance to share with your family, I can include this as part of the commission (at an additional cost).
  • I reserve the right to be credited as the sole creator of any piece you commission from me.

Expectations + Feedback

  • When I accept your commission, I will provide you with a rough time frame for completion of the commission piece. The length of time will vary depending on the size and complexity of the commission and the materials required to complete it.
  • I will aim to provide the final commission piece in a timely manner.
  • I offer regular (weekly or fortnightly) pictures of your commission via email, if you would like to be kept up to date with the progress of your piece and/or have the opportunity to provide feedback as it develops.

Pricing + Payment

  • When I accept your commission I will provide you with a full quote for the commission. This quote will vary depending on the complexity of the commission and the materials required to complete it.
  • Rather than paying an upfront cost (as with products on the Web Store and with Wholesale enquiries) you are able to split the payment in two installments.
  • I will not commence work on your commission for 7 days after receiving the first part of your payment. This allows me time to acquire the necessary materials for your commission. Within this period of 7 days, you retain the right to cancel your commission, in which case no further work will be completed.
  • The first payment is expected when you accept my quotation, and precludes commencement of any work on your commission.
  • This payment is required to purchase materials for the piece.
  • The second payment is due on completion of the commission piece, and precludes shipment of the commission to you.
  • Unless you cancel your commission (as described above with relation to the first payment) you are obligated to pay the second payment.
  • Payment for commissions will be made via a direct payment with PayPal or via BACS.

Refunds + Returns

  • Considering the bespoke nature of commission work, no payments for your commission are refundable.
  • I do not accept return of any original commission piece. Prints of a commission piece are subject to the same Terms and Conditions applicable to products on the Web Store.
  • Although I do not accept returns, I do appreciate feedback of any kind.

Shipping + Packaging

  • I am based in, and ship from Nottingham, UK.
  • All orders are shipped via Royal Mail.
  • Products bought from the Web Store will be shipped First Class within the UK, or internationally by International Standard (Airmail).
  • Products bought from the Web Store should arrive in 1-3 working days within the UK. International orders should take 3-7 days but I ask you to allow up to two weeks.
  • Commissions will be shipped First Class, Special Delivery within the UK, or internationally by International Tracked (International Signed For).
  • You will be informed by email when your order has been shipped.


  • When I am away from home/out of the country or otherwise indisposed, I am unavailable. This means that:
  • Orders will only be shipped on my return. (You may still place an order on the Web Store but processing will be postponed until my return.)
  • Enquiries by email will only be processed on my return.
  • Whenever I am unavailable, I will place an advisory notice on the Web Store.


  • I greatly respect the privacy of my customers.
  • All PayPal payment information is encrypted and handled by PayPal alone and is not stored on the Katrina Sophia website. Please refer to PayPal policies regarding your payment details.
  • Only the necessary information to complete your order (such as your name and address) is stored on the Katrina Sophia website.
  • Google Analytics tracking will capture anonymous data from your session only to provide statistical insight into public use of the Katrina Sophia website. I cannot identify your personal data but in any event will never resell your data or use it for marketing purposes.


  • You are assumed to be aware of and agree to these Terms and Conditions when you:
  • Purchase products through the Web Store;
  • Enquire about a wholesale order or a commission of artwork;
  • Enquire about any other service provided by Katrina Sophia.