Upcoming Events


Craft & Flea Nottingham, Saturday 29th February
Print Fair Contemporary, Nottingham, 13th-15th March
Nottingham Plant Swap, Saturday 4th April
Plantalia, Sheffield, Saturday 25th April
Make More Stuff Sheffield, Saturday 2nd May
Fabulous Places, Derby, Sunday 5th July


Top Drawer, January

Event Archive

Etsy Made Local, November 2019
Craft Fair Contemporary, November 2019
Fabulous Places, November 2019
Craft & Flea Nottingham, October 2019
Northern Craft Derby, October 2019
Nottingham Plant Swap, June 2019
Paperdolls Handmade, May & November 2019
Northern Craft Leeds, April & October 2019
Seasonal Markets Birmingham, April 2019
Nottingham Plant Swap, March 2019

Craft in the City, December 2018
Etsy Made Local, December 2018
Craft Fair Contemporary, December 2018
Craft & Flea Nottingham, November 2018
Craft & Flea Leeds, October 2018
Northern Craft Sheffield, October 2018
Paperdolls Handmade, July & November 2018
Northern Craft Leeds, May
Green Rooms, May, September & November 2019

Craft in the City, December 2017
Newstead Abbey Christmas, December 2017
Etsy Made Local, December 2017
Northern Craft Leeds, August & October 2017

Handmade Nottingham, August & November 2016

Pexmas, December 2015
Made In Camberwell, December 2015
Shape Gallery Christmas Fair, November 2015
The London Artisan, November 2015
The Fairy Tale Fair, October 2015
Designers/Makers, August 2015
Made In Camberwell, June 2015

Made In Camberwell, December 2014