Upcoming Events


Craft & Flea Nottingham, Saturday 29th February
Print Fair Contemporary, Nottingham, 13th-15th March
Nottingham Plant Swap, Saturday 4th April – CANCELLED
Plantalia, Sheffield, Saturday 25th April
Make More Stuff Sheffield, Saturday 2nd May – CANCELLED
Paperdolls Handmade, Birmingham, Saturday 20th June – CANCELLED
Fabulous Places, Derby, Sunday 5th July


Top Drawer, January

Event Archive

Etsy Made Local, November 2019
Craft Fair Contemporary, November 2019
Fabulous Places, November 2019
Craft & Flea Nottingham, October 2019
Northern Craft Derby, October 2019
Nottingham Plant Swap, June 2019
Paperdolls Handmade, May & November 2019
Northern Craft Leeds, April & October 2019
Seasonal Markets Birmingham, April 2019
Nottingham Plant Swap, March 2019

Craft in the City, December 2018
Etsy Made Local, December 2018
Craft Fair Contemporary, December 2018
Craft & Flea Nottingham, November 2018
Craft & Flea Leeds, October 2018
Northern Craft Sheffield, October 2018
Paperdolls Handmade, July & November 2018
Northern Craft Leeds, May
Green Rooms, May, September & November 2019

Craft in the City, December 2017
Newstead Abbey Christmas, December 2017
Etsy Made Local, December 2017
Northern Craft Leeds, August & October 2017

Handmade Nottingham, August & November 2016

Pexmas, December 2015
Made In Camberwell, December 2015
Shape Gallery Christmas Fair, November 2015
The London Artisan, November 2015
The Fairy Tale Fair, October 2015
Designers/Makers, August 2015
Made In Camberwell, June 2015

Made In Camberwell, December 2014