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Latest Commission // French Holiday Home

French Holiday Home Commission

This was what I was working on last month. It was so fun to paint as well as challenging since I rarely paint houses. But I’d LOVE to paint more commissions like this so if you happen to know anyone that are looking for their houses to be painted, let me know! Thank you.

This commission was painted with watercolour and a bit of acrylic. As usual, I was nervous to post it to my client and to my delight, she loved it so much.

Latest Artwork // Blue Tit

Blue Tit Watercolour Painting By Katrina Sophia

I painted this little guy with watercolour and acrylic for highlights. I had a few printed in time for The London Artisan and they were surprisingly popular! It looks particularly lovely in A5 size and they sold well in my last two stalls – Shape Gallery Christmas Fair and Made In Camberwell Christmas market. I just had more printed ready for my last market of the year this Saturday with Pexmas. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that my art is being appreciated by many people who doesn’t know me personally!

Latest Artwork // Flamingo

Flamingo Painting By Katrina Sophia

As you might know already, I love flamingos and my art products featuring my bestselling Flamingo has been very popular since I launched the design at the beginning of 2014. It was only recently that I felt it was a bit dated so I wanted to paint it again, and to give it feet too!

Not satisfied with my first try, I am utterly delighted with my second one (this one!) and not knowing whether people other than Aneurin and I would like it, I took the risk and had it printed in various sized prints (I got A4 and A3 prints for the first time, yay!). Fortunately, I sold A5 and A3 prints of it in Old Truman Brewery last Sunday and this new painting definitely got a lot of love by visitors.

At first, I spent too long worrying about the feathers and it didn’t look natural so for the second painting, I loosened up and added layers of darker shade and white acrylic paint. The watercolour I used for this painting is Winsor & Newton’s Cotman Watercolour Painting Plus.

I will be adding an original and some prints up on the shop this week so if you are also in love, keep your eyes out for them!

The Great British Bake Off Illustration

The Great British Bake Off Illustration

I was so excited for The Great British Bake Off’s new series on Wednesday that I painted the logo with the faces of Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood!

As I rarely painted portraits with watercolour (I predominantly use oil for portraits), I don’t think I am quite there in term of likeness but I am happy enough because they are at least recognisable, right? I was tempted to paint them all over again but since it have taken me a long time to complete the illustration and that it is just for fun, I thought I shouldn’t fret about it too much.

In case you are wondering where I am at with my business at the moment – my commission listing is currently closed due to wanting to focus on my blog, shop and admin work as well as self development after neglecting them. I am also redefining my commission service and hoping to reopen this autumn (or possibly in the New Year) with a new dedicated page. While I love painting commissions, it is quite refreshing to be able to do everything else that also needs attention and I want to reopen the listing with an intention to improve my time managment. Tips? Send them my way!