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Reflecting on 2017 & My Word For 2018

In the first week of 2018, I found myself still clinging onto my Christmas break. I spent my Christmas in London with family (and a new arrival, my nephew Victor!) and then chilled to the max for a few days, which was really nice after consecutive weekend markets through December that left me feeling frazzled. I wasn’t ready to face the world, social media, etc. I am sure many of you will sympathise!

Last week I came out of my shell and I am beginning to get back into the swing of things. It helped that I received a wholesale order and an online sale, which gave me a push to emerge into reality! I started to think about what I want to accomplish this year, while reflecting on my 2017.

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My 2017 Goals

My heart rate quickens when I start to think about what my goals will be this year. It is both exciting and scary. A new year gives me an opportunity to reflect, improve and push myself but I have that not-so-little fear where I feel I can’t do it and worry that I will do badly this year and ultimately, embarrass myself in the process.

But that is just a fear, I must face and overcome it as best as I can. It has taken me a while to really think about what I want to achieve this year. I know I want to keep improving and exploring my art. I also want to take my business to the next level. Here are my goals of 2017:

Paint every day

Like my 2016 goal, I want to continue painting (or drawing) daily and being accountable to myself on Instagram, with one change: I want to not feel guilty if I miss a day – it is not productive or necessary to be so hard on myself. In my last post, I mentioned that I am making this goal my lifelong project because during my daily art adventure in 2016 I realised how important it is to practice every day because it is simply the best way to improve at it over time!

Make at least one clay piece per month

I have always wanted to have a monthly project. There are a few things I want to do but I had to choose one due to my workload and that would be making something with clay. I will aim to make at least one piece per month, to a finished state. I will be sharing progress here at the blog and across social media. I have thought about painting a flower per month with oil or acrylic but I am incorporating this into my daily art goal.

Improve my social media presence

I am rubbish at social media. While I understand how it works and what needs to be done for small business owners, I just don’t act on it. I want to be more intentional –  posting on the go, promoting my services whenever possible and making the most of scheduling tools that are available to us. Basically, I need to put myself out there and take my business where I want it to be!

Now, tell me yours! :)

Reflecting On 2016

2016 has been great in many ways, and bad in many ways. The bad was mostly shocking political news and my endless self doubt, which I feel had hindered both my creativity and business in small ways. As always, I am staying optimistic and I want to share my highlights of the year. This reflection makes me realise how I was oblivious to my own achievements, small or big so this year I intend to reflect more regularly – maybe every few months – to list my achievements, and remember that I am not doing too badly at all!

What are your highlights of 2016? I would love to hear about them in the comments! I also want to say a big THANK YOU for reading my blog and leaving comments, which are always lovely to receive. I wish you a beautiful 2017!

Katrina Sophia Is 3!


The last 3 years have been quite a rollercoaster ride, especially in 2014 when I started selling cards and then a lot of great opportunities came. It has been a big, unpredictable journey and I am truly looking forward to continue developing my business.

Year 1

I was very lucky with my situation when I started my business, my family was incredibly supportive and I already had a studio shed in the back garden filled with enough materials to get myself started. With no start up money, my business started slow with commission work.

Year 2

My business was still pretty slow but I was still painting commissions and coming up with ideas. I also went to live in Germany for almost 2 months over the summer and painted every day. Later the year, I was able to get my illustrations printed on cards and started selling.

Year 3

It was the year when it started to get busy. I got a new website and launched new collection of cards and prints. I also got commissioned by Tesco Food couple of times and five of my products got stocked by Indiecana. Over the festive months, I successfully sold my first ever Christmas cards, had a Christmas market stall and painted 4 commissions. Towards the end of year 3, I moved my business into a new studio in our new house and started working on new commissions.


Dividing my time between painting a commission and designing new collections, I am prepping for the market next month!

While I mostly focus on painting commissions and designing collections for sale, I have been doing some photography work on the side – I have had amazing opportunities in the past, such as photographing the wedding in France, behind the scenes fashion shoot and charity night events. As a keen photographer, I hope to have more opportunities like these in the future!

Lastly, I’d like to say a massive thank you to my family, boyfriend, friends, customers, readers and supporters for your much appreciated support during my three year journey, which means so much to me that I feel like I could thank you forever!