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Epping Forest Meet Part 1


As you may know already, I run a deaf photography group – in about every three months, we meet and take photographs for a day. The group was set up by Ashton Jean- Pierre, an established UK wedding photographer who moved to Austraila end of last year and handed over the responsibility to me. I have arranged last four meets and all were fun!

Last time, we headed out to Epping Forest – which was quite a challenge for all of us due to lack of various scenes to photograph but we managed to appreciate all those beautiful trees (which I will share on the blog later on) as well as photographing one another, as always.

I used up two Portra 160 films so I will be splitting up photos in three parts and needless to mention, here is part one…

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Introducing Aneurin




That handsome man is my boyfriend, Aneurin!

Last year we bumped into each other in Berlin after 7 long years. We went to the same boarding school but we never spoke, even the fact that he was in the same year as my older sister! They weren’t close due to their different means of communication – Aneurin was oral and knew a very little sign language while my sister was a full sign language user.

In Berlin, we got really well despite our differences of language but it helped that he knew a bit of sign language. I don’t speak very well but my lip pattern is quite clear.

He brought up that he worked in London (he commuted from Reading at that time) and asked whether I would be up to meeting for dinner when we return from our holidays. I thought he was just looking for a friendship when he was actually falling for me, and then before we actually met up few weeks later, my feelings for him blossomed when we emailed back and forth. I’d realised how super lovely he is and that we have very similar interests, value, and humour.

But what confirmed my feelings for him was when I suddenly got really nervous before our ‘first date’ in Soho and luckily our feelings for each other were mutual as we had our first kiss right outside Oxford Circus tube station at the end of the night.

How did you meet your partner? Nothing is TMI!





Meet Deaf Photographers

Last month I went to photography gathering for deaf people and met new (and old) talented photographers. After having ice-breaker lunch together, we wandered around Covent Garden, braved the rain and crowds! While I usually photographed the surroundings in majority, I took pictures of each person in the group this time. Because they are awesome, there are small bios for you to read. You can view more photos of the day out here.

Recently moved in Melbourne from London, Ashton has been a wedding photographer since 2010 and going in full time this year. He got into photography when he won a photography badge from the scout at the age of 13 then received his first ever SLR camera when he was 17 years old from his mum for Christmas. He was inspired by Jose Villa and Elizabeth Messina to shoot weddings in 100% film and he feels he photographs people better that way as he can achieve the softness in texture and colour of the image.


Along with art and illustration, Becky has always loved photography. Ashton (above) is her inspiration to develop her photography into a career and he has also helped her to believe in herself what she can do in her own work. She has a lot of experiences in photographing portraits and weddings. She hopes to continue to expand her portfolio.


Daniel started taking pictures in 2011 after developing a passion in photography but it was until August that year when he first bought a DSLR camera and his hobby blossomed from there. He loves the idea of stories being told simply through pictures. He hopes to have a photography business in the future after reading and learning about how photographers took their pictures.


Diana is an experienced freelance photographer after studying photography in Wolverhampton University. While working for various companies, she also enjoys portrait and family photography due to being able to capture and share a special moment in time that is always brought back to life from being looked at time and time again. Annie Lebivitz is her particular favourite photographer. She is keen to extend her range of clients and experiences.


Grant started dabbling photography in 2009 when he joined the photography group’s day out for the first time and borrowed his friend’s camera. From there, he knew he loves photography and got a new Canon from his parents for his birthday. He has had experiences photographing parties, he gets asked by his friends. He had been on various courses to improve his skills and is currently studying photography part time at Richmond College. His ambition is to become a professional photographer eventually and his idol is Pierre et Gilles.


Originally from Estonia, Mari started photography very young around 1999. Photography has been always her hobby- she loves smelling old filmstrips, looking at vintage family portraits and collecting pictures. She has a small business, photographing for her relatives, friends and Estonians. She is constantly inspired by Ashton Jean Pierre and A Beautiful Mess.


Now an admin of the group, I am excited to organise the next gathering in the new year to see them lovely photographers again and take a lot of pictures together. Sadly Ashton won’t be around anymore, as mentioned he now lives in Melbourne but we are definitely arranging something when he visits next year!

Are you a photographer too? Do you attend to the photography group like this one? Tell me how you got into photography, I’d love to know!