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Lonely Houses

Sejkko Lonely Houses Photography

I fell in love with Sejkko’s photography when I first discovered his work via Love From Berlin. I immediately followed him and have been enjoying his photos ever since. But his Lonely Houses photography collection is what draw me in – he takes pictures of interesting houses (and a church) in Portugal that are lonely. I love the big amount of sky in each photograph and they are so pretty!

Find him on Instagram, Facebook and check out his website.

Painted Bus Stops In Belarus

Painted Bus stops

Painted Bus Stops By Alexandra Soldatova 2

Bus stop

Belarus based photographer, Alexandra Soldatova searched for origins of the fact that people in her home country love when everything look neat, clean and beautiful, photographed those painted bus stops and named the project ‘It Must Be Beautiful’. The paintings were actually made through local authorities by unknown artists with “the only purpose to beautify empty landscape”.

I am totally fascinated with the photographs Soldatova took as well as the paintings – they are beautiful and it would be amazing to see them in the real life. The fact that they were painted by unknown artists make the project somehow mysterious too.

See more photographs of painted bus stops here.