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Horniman Museum & Gardens

Horniman Museum & Gardens-14

Visiting everything apart from aquarium, my favourite parts are the Natural History section and Collected & Possessed exhibition. I love the taxidermy animals, which were beautiful and creepy in equal measure. The exhibition is about the artist, Mark Fairnington and his paintings “depicting natural history specimens exactly as they are stored behind the scenes in the Horniman’s and other collections.” His paintings were big, beautiful and realistic – right up my street!

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More Of Étrabonne


I love the film I used, Kodak Gold 200, which produced such lovely colours in the photos. Don’t you agree? I wish I could have used this film more in the past. Now I know! I need to pay a visit to the photo shop and buy more of them soon.

My most favourite shot is the close up horse (third last picture). He was magically beautiful in real life.


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