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My Plant Story

When I was younger, I went to B&Q with family and the plant section quickly caught my eye and I brought home a tiny Venus Fly Trap and red Bromeliad. I was clueless about looking after them (I can’t remember that I was actually worried about keeping them alive, and I’m not sure that I had watered them!) and they slowly died.

 Chinese Money Plant (Pilea Peperomioides) & Inch Plant (Tradescantia Tricolour)

I didn’t buy any more plants until I moved into a London flat with Aneurin 4.5 years ago. I visited a local garden centre I had never been to and bought a few plants, which scared me a little but I was determined not to kill them! After a while, I saw succulents in a plant stall on the high street and bought some. I was delighted as I’d wanted one for ages.

Despite my best efforts I eventually killed them most of them! I think I have 4 out of ten or twelve plants that are still with me to this day, which are the Madagascar Dragon Tree plant (which is so hardy!), an Echeveria kind of succulent (which survived several near-deaths) and couple of cacti.

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