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When my cards and especially prints were running out fast over these festive months (thank you so much guys), I took an opportunity to refresh my shop by removing some prints that weren’t selling well, retaking product photos and introducing new prints, as well as the new sizes – A4 and A3. I made a decision to go for a new printing company and chose a new type of paper for my prints, which is more costly but it is worth it because it has that lovely luxurious feel to it that I want for my new prints. So exciting!

I have hugely struggled with product photography all my business life, despite reading every product photography advice post I could find. Amongst small businesses’ beautiful product photos, I subconsciously felt the pressure to make mine look as super cool but I realised recently that I needed to stop trying too hard and take photos of my products as I wanted them to look like, basically, staying true to myself. I am aware that a product photo without props and exciting colours might appear boring to many but that is me, I love keeping everything simple and fuss free. I wanted my pictures to look as light and clean as possible, obviously I haven’t quite achieved it yet but I need to stop worrying and hope that I will suddenly turn in an awesome product photographer one day!

I am feeling a lot better about my shop that is now tidied up and looking smart. Soon I will be adding my current cards that needs to be photographed again, originals and my brand new cards that will hopefully make its debut this Saturday (5th December) where I will be selling my art with Made In Camberwell Arts Market. If you happen to be heading that way too, see you there!

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11 comments on “Shop Refresh

  1. Kristien

    I’m a firm believer of letting your product speak for itself. Even though props and the like can add something to product photography, I sometimes find it a bit distracting. I often see this happen on Etsy, the product looks great with all the other things around it but once I think about what it would look like in my less-than-Pinterest-worthy apartment, I’m less inclined to buy. A blank canvas lets you imagine what it will look like in your own home.
    I think your prints look lovely on their own :)

    1. Katrina Post author

      Now you have made me feel a lot better, thank you! If I ever improve my product photography or save up to hire a pro, I would have props but just one or two and keep it really minimalistic.

  2. Jas

    These prints look absolutely wonderful. I adore all of them. Definitely going to follow you on bloglovin and hopefully be able to buy a print when we move someday :)
    | | | |

  3. Fiona

    Product photography is soooo hard! I think clean is awesome and definitely lets the product speak for itself like Kristien said!!

  4. Mili

    I appreciate strategically cluttered photoshoots but when it comes to selling a product, clean and simple is the best! Then people can truly appreciate your art :D Glad to hear your shop is coming along nicely!


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