Made In Camberwell Arts Market // How My Stall Went

Camberwell Arts summer market Katrina Sophia_1

I was at Made In Camberwell Arts market last Saturday with a stall full of my products, including new collections and recipe cards!

Can you spot my new collections in the photo above? I painted a collection of big cats, which I was pleased about and had them printed on cards and prints. There was also a smaller collection of lollies that was nostalgic as you may recognise them from the ice cream vans you run up to every summer! As I thought that my Big Cats collection would be a biggest hit, I produced more cards and prints of it than anything else but on the day, my lolly cards turned out a massive success and I was kicking myself for not producing more cards or prints of them. I wasn’t too disappointed because Big Cats collection did sell quite well at the end but just not as well. I am constantly learning and it is damn exciting!

I am really happy with how my stall looked – due to my new card display racks, my products was presented much better than my Christmas stall last year but there were still rooms for improvement. I like that I included my houseplants to liven up my space!

Thanks to everyone who sent me words of encouragement, stopped by and bought my art products! I’d also like to thank Aneurin, my mum and her boyfriend for helping me out on the day and Camberwell Arts Festival staff for making me feel welcome.

I am photographing my new collections this week and they will be up on my shop very soon – keep your eyes open for their launch!

16 comments on “Made In Camberwell Arts Market // How My Stall Went

  1. Jordana

    What a lovely blog post.
    Here are CA HQ, we are huge fans of your work!
    We loved having you as part of #MadeInCamberwell and hope you will join us again at Christmas.
    …happy painting!

  2. Fiona

    The big cats are awesome and I love the icecreams too – super cute :) I also think the card stands make your stall look super professional!

    1. Katrina Post author

      Thank you! The new display racks helped so much. The customers could access my cards so much better.

    1. Katrina Post author

      Thank you and you are amazing for being you. Your endless encouragement and support much appreciated! :)

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