Woodthorpe Tropical House

I forgot how I found out about Woodthorpe Tropical House, but I can remember how excited I got! The park is about 15 minutes drive away. So last weekend, despite the rain there was a window of few hours’ sunshine and I grabbed the opportunity to head over and give it a good exploring…

Needless to say, the tropical house is beautiful! A plant-y heaven. So many plants I recognised from my own house plant collection, but only they were a lot bigger and taller! I really like the addition of metal animal sculptures, randomly placed around the greenhouse – they made me smile. There was a pond in the middle, with koi carps, and couple of benches so if you can bear the humid conditions it would make a nice location to chill for a bit.

There was also a plant shop right next to it and to my slight disappointment there were only a few indoor plants for sale but I did buy myself a cheeky cactus. To be fair, I did not need any more!

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