Vineyard Of Étrabonne









Photo18_19Anikon F4, kodak gold 200

I have never been to a vineyard until last month. When I went to France, the groom’s brother took us out for drive in the countryside and stopped by the vineyard. I was thrilled!

Despite the gloomy weather at that time, the scenery was beautiful. The vineyard was huge, a lot of walking and taking photographs. Thankfully I decided to pack my boots at the last minute rather than just bringing my Birkenstock, which would have been an awful decision!

I love the sunflowers. They were so tall. Taller than me. Call me weird but they somehow looked like humans.

Have you been to vineyard?

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9 comments on “Vineyard Of Étrabonne

  1. Mili

    Ugh your film photos just kill me every time. They’re soooo pretty! The last two shots are my absolute faves


  2. Fiona

    Ive never been to a vineyard although I’ve always wanted too and sunflowers are amongst my favourite flowers I think because they are so huge!

  3. Jane Y.

    beautiful! i have been to a vineyard once! i would love to go back. i’ve been to a sunflower field where they were so so tall!

  4. Worshipblues

    These photos have taken me away from my desk in London and transported me to the fresh-aired vineyards of France. Actually, I’ve never visited a French vineyard but I have visited a few in South Africa….I wish I remembered more about them *wink wink*

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