My Neighbourhood









CNV00034nikon F4, portra 160

I took this set of photos when I suddenly wanted to take photographs and decided to walk around my neighbourhood with my camera. There were quite lots of flowers so with my penchant for taking photos of anything nature, they were all I took!

Do you have flowers in your neighbourhood?

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10 comments on “My Neighbourhood

  1. Jane Y.

    there are so many flowers and plants in my neighborhood – i think my neighbors are hardcore gardeners! it’s such a treat to see and i hope to have a pretty garden too some day. i love seeing all sorts of flowers and petals in different parts of the neighborhood – in a more quiet suburban area to more of an urban setting. flowers make everything a little wonderful and beautiful, doesn’t it? the colors in these photos are great!

  2. Vanessa

    Lovely photos! My neighborhood is feeling the effects of the Fall-like temperatures we’ve been having (which I love). So a lot of Mums are coming out and earth tones.


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