Epping Forest Meet Part 1


As you may know already, I run a deaf photography group – in about every three months, we meet and take photographs for a day. The group was set up by Ashton Jean- Pierre, an established UK wedding photographer who moved to Austraila end of last year and handed over the responsibility to me. I have arranged last four meets and all were fun!

Last time, we headed out to Epping Forest – which was quite a challenge for all of us due to lack of various scenes to photograph but we managed to appreciate all those beautiful trees (which I will share on the blog later on) as well as photographing one another, as always.

I used up two Portra 160 films so I will be splitting up photos in three parts and needless to mention, here is part one…













Epping Forest was huge and we did a lot of walking and exploring. Towards the end of the day, we visited to the small lake that was magical!

You might recognise some of the photographers from my Meet Deaf Photographer post.

Have you been to Epping Forest?

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6 comments on “Epping Forest Meet Part 1

  1. Desiree

    I just love them! You’ve got an extra advantage in being deaf, its adding a beautifull second layer to them!

  2. Matthew Pike

    I love the blueish greenly tints with this film. I look toward to seeing more as you mentioned. I’ve never been, love exploring forests though

  3. Fiona

    I’ve often thought about starting up my own photography group – I feel it would be super fun to hand out with like minded people :) Pictures turned out great!


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