Bristol Botanic Garden

Last week I took a week off and headed to Bristol to visit my sister and 8 months old nephew. The UK heatwave hit at the same time, so it actually felt like a holiday. Some of the architecture in Bristol has a seaside feel that enhanced the holiday feeling! I had a beautiful time getting to know my nephew, who is, of course, growing up so fast, and going out every day in the sun. My highlights of the week were babysitting Victor for a day while Erika popped out to her BSL teaching duties, a ferry taxi round trip, and a botanic garden.

Bristol Botanic Garden is gorgeous, perhaps one of the best I’ve been to despite its smalller-than-usual size. It was buzzing with beautiful dragonflies, bees, butterflies, and wasps (I don’t like wasps but could only accept them in that environment!) They were so numerous and in-your-face and I can’t remember going to a botanic garden inundated with those beautiful insects. There were actually plants selected to encourage them to hang out. My favourite feature of this botanic garden were the ponds – they were beautiful with water lilies and loads of bright blue dragonflies.

At the end of our visit, we looked around at the glasshouses, which was not situated in the gardens but on the other side across the car park. We were wondering where it was but thankfully as we finished looking around the gardens there were signs showing the way.

I was in a very happy place, though many of the succulents and carnivorous plants looked a little worse for wear. It crossed my mind to ask the staff to employ me to look after them! The cacti section was particularly lovely, and giant lily pads in a raised pool too.

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