We Adopted A Retired Racing Greyhound!

Meet Bonnie, a retired racing greyhound we adopted 6 weeks ago!

If you have been following me on Instagram you will know that we are absolutely besotted!  We have been talking about getting pets for ages. I have always wanted a cat after growing up with cats, but I have unfortunately become allergic to cat hair since I moved out. Almost every time I visit my family home with three cats, I feel run down for a few days after. Aneurin and I both have never had a dog but we love them, and it just made sense as another pet option!

We are a big believer in #AdoptDontShop knowing there are way too many pets out there who need to be homed. Researching the dog breeds that suits our lifestyle the best and our preference for medium / large dogs, we decided on greyhounds! They are often compared to cats – they sleep a lot and groom themselves making them the cleanest dog breed of all, and despite their lightning speed, they only need 20 minutes of exercise twice a day.

I became horrified reading facts and stories about the greyhound racing industry. Greyhounds are the most exploited dog breed in the world. Just one of the many greyhound rehoming charities, The Greyhound Trust said they always have around 800 greyhounds available for adoption! It pains me knowing there are lots of people willing to spend hundreds of pounds or even more on ‘fashionable’ pets while there are lots of homeless pets with just as much love to give.

We visited an independent greyhound sanctuary in Sutton-on-Trent for four weekends in a row, meeting and walking greyhounds. We met Bonnie on our second visit and we loved her immediately despite her aloofness. She was wonderful on the lead and saying goodbyes with gentle head scratches she looked right in my eyes and I cried! I fell in love with her right there. We talked about the possibility of adopting her and after walking a few other dogs we were still attached to Bonnie. As a part of the process we took her out for a big park walk, and then to our house for a day to see how she coped. She did very well and we were so happy being with her. Right after the home visit we are able to adopt her and take her home the next day! We didn’t have anything ready, fortunately the £150 adoption fee included a lot of essentials such as food & scoop, grooming mitt, lead, identity tag etc.

Around the house, she is super chill and loves attention. We give her plenty of cuddles, chest rubs and neck scratches, which she is also learning how to ask for too! As she comes out of her shell she is starting be playful which surprises us sometimes, considering how timid she was at first. Despite her anxiety around roads and people she gets super excited, jumps around and wags her tail madly when getting ready for walks! She loves riding in the car too – she seems to find it a safe place, perhaps because she is used to being in vehicles a lot during her racing life.

Watching her confidence blossoming quickly, we are reassured that with time and patience she will become fully comfortable outside the house and we hope that she now feels totally safe and happy with us!

Here’s to making more happy memories as a new family of 3!

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