Spring is here! There are lots of signs: Colourful crocuses peeping out from the grass, swathes of dancing daffodils along embankments, beautiful cherry blossom hanging from the trees. There are so many beautiful flowers popping their heads up into these early cold months: Daffodils, tulips, crocuses, snowdrops, bluebells, and hyacinths, to name but a few. These brave pioneers of the flowering world pushing their heads up into the frosty world.

Beautiful crocuses in Woodthorpe Grange Park


We moved to our home at the end of 2018 and we have not had time to consider the garden very much. So many other priorities at first. But we have been discussing it from time to time. As the days get milder and the light stays for longer, I have found my thoughts are turning more and more to our garden space.

My mum gifted me this interesting old book at Christmas: Wildlife Gardening by Fran Hill. I certainly like the idea of having a wildlife friendly garden, even though we are in the city. Our pollinators, especially bees, could use all the help they can get. We are very lucky to have a garden and want to use it for growing food as well as lovely plants. So as winter rolls into spring we are having a think about what to plant in the garden. I will update you with our progress.

Some herbs and starter vegetable plants – tomato, strawberry, radish, leek and jalapeno chilli

Being Thankful

Spring – a season of fresh new hope and renewal. This year it is different for all of us across the world. To stay true to the spirit of this time, I am trying to think of all the things I am thankful for:

  1. Having access to the Internet means I have the world at hand. Sites like Instagram and You Tube means that I can keep in touch with communities and like-minded people.
    There are several art projects on Instagram encouraging people to keep in touch: Amy Rose Geden’s Stay at Home Art Club and Carson Ellis’ Quarantine Art Club, to name two.
  2. Museums and galleries are aiming to put more programming onto You Tube to share their collections.
    • I recently noticed a request from the V&A museum in London regarding what content we, the public, would like to see. V&A You Tube.
    • Then there’s the British Museum’s Curators Corner, which explores the curator’s favourite museum pieces. BM Curator’s Corner.
    • My local Nottingham Contemporary has some very interesting YouTube videos. Nottingham Contemporary You Tube.
  3. We are a long way from our family, but we can still have face to face time using Skype or video calling on WhatsApp.
  4. Our brilliant posties and parcel delivery companies are still working hard: I can send out orders, send letters and cards to my friends and family and receive the things I need without going out.
  5. Thanks to the people who are manning and stocking the supermarkets; the truckers who are transporting our goods; and the people who are still working to make and produce all the things we need. We managed to get some eggs yesterday. Yay! We were beginning to think we had an egg-less future.
  6. I am so grateful that we live in a country with universal health care: Free at point of use. It is times like these that we can really appreciate access to our health service. Not compromised by our ability to pay or by greedy insurance companies. I am so thankful for the NHS staff and the wonderful work they do.

The list could be longer – but this post has to finish.

Do take care, keep safe and well.

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