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I was recently asked to photograph a beautiful christening in Surrey. It was my first time photographing a christening so I was a bit nervous (the fact that I have never been to one didn’t help!) but I managed to do well. I loved what I took that I couldn’t choose about 50 photos – imagine the parents’ delight when I gave them just over 200 photos! They loved their new photos and said that they will love to hire me again for their child’s 1st birthday next year.


  • Have a chat with vicar in advance about the church photography restrictions
  • Arrive a little early and scout the venue
  • Research how christening works (if you are clueless like I was)
  • Be patient
  • Take note who are godparents and family so they are focused in the photographs
  • Capture a good photo of baby right after the baptism


  • Make sure people are paying attention in the group photos, especially children
  • Since the church rules can be really strict, I might need to buy myself a zoom lens for future events
  • Photographing people in direct sunlight is mostly unflattering
  • Uncle Bob do exist (bye bye beautiful photos)

Photographing a christening was a beautiful challenge. I was so honoured to be a part of this special day and I hope to have that opportunity again in the future. Have you been to or photograph a christening before?

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16 comments on “Photographing A Christening

  1. Sacha

    Katrina, they are amazing! You should be so proud. I would hired you! Love to see your pictures. I did christening photos, I know how you feeling being so nervous and worrying if I disappoint them after see the photos and maybe it’s not what they expects.

    You did a great job. Well done. *hugs*

  2. Heidi K. Robertson

    Ooh beautiful photos! I looove the skylight ceiling as it allows natural light to fall gently on your subjects – much better than tungsten light! Lucky you!

    I totally know what you mean by direct sunlight – it can be so harsh! It is not always easy to find open shade and gently guide your subjects there, especially when people are enjoying themselves and chatting away! In case of these situations, I’m practicing on backlighting my subjects so that the sun is behind them. Direct sun can be too overpowering but if you have a tree or a lamp post or even another person blocking some of the sun, it will help enormously and produce lovely luminous photos. I find myself coming back to this series on natural light – maybe you find it useful too!

    1. Katrina Post author

      Thank you so much! The lighting was so good, to my much relief. Thank you for the link, they are so useful!

  3. Mili

    I’ve never been to a Christening before but from your photographs, it looks beautiful! You did a great job capturing a momentous family event :) It also helped that the baby girl is absolutely adorable. Congrats on booking the next gig!


  4. petra

    great pics. I still shy away from photographing such events. too much responsibility. what if I fuck up the only pics of the afternoon??? xo


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