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If you didn’t know already, I am a big fan of stationery. I collect notebooks. I have two and half drawers full of notebooks. I think I was influenced by my mum, all my life I have seen her loving notebooks and she’d have each notebook for recipes, dream house and so on. I remember that she had a box full of empty notebooks with the sign saying “Keep out” with funny drawing of skull and bone!

Pictured above are my new notebooks:

This pen is a Livework brand (Snowgray).

I am not sure if I can bring myself to write in them, they are so pretty! Weirdly (or not?), I always feel my notebook is ruined when I write in it. But I do get over that feeling eventually. I have that notebook to scribble down recipes I found or invented, at the start I was annoyed with myself for ruining it and then I got over it – it is useful and I can’t live without it when I cook.

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12 comments on “New Notebooks

  1. Jane Y.

    I love notebooks too and I collected them but I felt like I always ruined them too when I started writing in them because my handwriting wasn’t pretty enough or I couldn’t draw and my doodles weren’t fancy. So I stopped collecting them but I think this old interest of mine is coming back because I’m now wanting to collect notebooks again :)

  2. Fiona

    Love all the pretty colours, I too have a fear of ruining them or starting the first page but yup, you eventually have to get over that issue like you said :)


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