Introducing Aneurin




That handsome man is my boyfriend, Aneurin!

Last year we bumped into each other in Berlin after 7 long years. We went to the same boarding school but we never spoke, even the fact that he was in the same year as my older sister! They weren’t close due to their different means of communication – Aneurin was oral and knew a very little sign language while my sister was a full sign language user.

In Berlin, we got really well despite our differences of language but it helped that he knew a bit of sign language. I don’t speak very well but my lip pattern is quite clear.

He brought up that he worked in London (he commuted from Reading at that time) and asked whether I would be up to meeting for dinner when we return from our holidays. I thought he was just looking for a friendship when he was actually falling for me, and then before we actually met up few weeks later, my feelings for him blossomed when we emailed back and forth. I’d realised how super lovely he is and that we have very similar interests, value, and humour.

But what confirmed my feelings for him was when I suddenly got really nervous before our ‘first date’ in Soho and luckily our feelings for each other were mutual as we had our first kiss right outside Oxford Circus tube station at the end of the night.

How did you meet your partner? Nothing is TMI!





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11 comments on “Introducing Aneurin

  1. Michelle

    These photos are great, and you make such a lovely couple! It must have been interesting trying to communicate at the beginning :)

  2. Marlen

    Aww your meeting story is so sweet- and check you out snagging a kiss on the first date ;) With my ex-boyfriend, we had the same classes all through college and never really spoke to each other. Then three months after graduating, we bumped into each other at a bar and clicked. It was so weird how it had to happen that way instead of just happening in school :)

    xo marlen
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  3. Haley

    Aww, it was serendipity! I’m not in a relationship & don’t have a cool boyfriend story to divulge. womp womp–but you are so great at bw portrait photography! Do you have any tips for shooting in bw?

  4. nancy @ adore to adorn

    aww. how sweet. =)
    My mate and I actually met when I was in college and working at…Jamba Juice. haha. We started off as acquaintances and over a period of time we bonded and then became more than just acquaintances/friends. Cliche maybe…but, still magical. =)

  5. Rebecca

    Aw cute! Didn’t know he was deaf as well. You two look well suited! Love the b/w photos, it reminds me of photography A-Level where i had to use a old film SLR and the film was in b/w too. Amazing shots! xx

  6. Sarah

    Aww, I adore your story, and you seem to be perfectly right for one another – love! And wonderful photos too, you’ve captured Aneurin really well xxx


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