Iconic ‘Seize The Day’ Free Planner

Iconic 'Seize The Day' Free Planner 2

Iconic 'Seize The Day' Free Planner 4

Iconic 'Seize The Day' Free Planner 1

Iconic 'Seize The Day' Free Planner 3

Iconic 'Seize The Day' Free Planner 5

Choosing this planner, Iconic ‘Seize The Day’ Free Planner, from Fox & Star was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I used Bullet Journal technique for years so I didn’t have a proper planner or diary and I was starting to miss it.

There are monthly and weekly layouts, enough for a year. They are undated so you can start using it anytime. In monthly section, I write down events, reminders etc and in weekly section, I write down to-do list daily. I started this planner just three weeks ago and I found this system to really work for me already. There is also a free note section, which is always useful.

The appearance is a massive bonus – the cover is textured that feels nice and sturdy. Look at that pretty pattern inside! There are see through pockets inside too so I can store recent receipts or business cards.

I am clearly very pleased with my new planner! What is your current planner like?

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17 comments on “Iconic ‘Seize The Day’ Free Planner

  1. rooth

    I love all paper things and this planner’s cover is ultra chic. I’m trying the Bullet Journal method as well and it’s working out rather well for me

    1. Katrina Post author

      Me too! Love notebooks so much I have two drawers full of them. Glad that bullet journal method is working out for you, I wish it is for me still but I grew out of it for some reason. Maybe I have fallen out of the habit one point without realising.

  2. Jessica Keala

    Oh man, I wish they weren’t sold out!! I love it! It’s super cute and just what I’m looking for! In fact, I was at the store looking for a good 2015/2016 planner just the other day…

  3. Fiona

    Oh so pretty! I like the idea of an undated planner but then at the same time I think I rely on my planner as a calendar of sorts – still working on convincing myself to use an online version! I currently have a pretty basic planner but wish it had more room for free notes – I always spend way too long picking out the perfect one and yet still want more perfection :P

    1. Katrina Post author

      I know what you mean! Since trying out an undated planner I found it weirdly satisfying to write down dates myself. I have tried using online/mac’s but couldn’t get into it at all – only use it for info to put in my planner!

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