Latest Artwork // Whales



Last week, I somehow got fascinated by whales. After reading about them and looking at the photos online, I picked up a paintbrush and painted them.

Then I remembered the time when I was little, I accidentally watched 1956 film called Moby Dick, which was pretty scary at that time. Even though I was scared, I was also amazed by the beauty of whales.

I plan to continue painting these beautiful creatures. Seeing them in real life would be awesome.


9 comments on “Latest Artwork // Whales

  1. Fiona

    Ah these are awesome – I love love whales and am fortunate to have seen them in the wild and up close. I’ll admit to getting really overcome with emotion – so it you ever get the chance to do it, it’s a must :)

  2. rooth

    Oh these are lovely, I love the detail on the first one. I’d really be interested in seeing how these paintings are done


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