Experimenting With Clay Part 2

Clay creations second round

Do you share your makes even though you don’t like them yourself?

I finished those clay dishes over a month ago and hesitated to share pictures because I wasn’t happy with them. I cringe every time I see them sitting on my shelf that I might just hide them away in my drawers eventually. However, there are some days where I look at them and think that they are maybe rather sweet.

For the last few evenings while working on more clay pieces, I thought about why I don’t like them and how I can improve next time.

  • The colours are nice but as a collection, no. For instance, my first batch looks lovely because I’ve only used black, white, and gold. But I have to remind myself that they don’t have to be a literal collection.
  • I feel that those dishes with etchings would be better off in one light colour or left in its natural colour so the etchings stand out more rather than being overwhelmed with 2 or 3 colours.
  • I didn’t like how my last choice of varnish wasn’t completely transparent so I used Mod Podge by a recommendation and it was much better transparency wise but the surface is tacky to touch. Reading the back of the container, it suggests to use clear acrylic sealer to eliminate tackiness when it states that Mod Podge itself is a sealer (as well as glue and finish) so instead of being confused, I’ve bought another sealer and hoping it is a better choice!

I’ve said in my previous clay related post that I didn’t like Das so this time I tried Claydium, which is much nicer to sculpt with.

It is clear that I am still in experimenting phase. It’s been since November. As far as my budget allows, I am finding the best brands of both air dry clay and sealer for me and hopefully new clay collection to sell in the shop. It is so important to me that they are good quality, durable, and ultimately pretty.

16 comments on “Experimenting With Clay Part 2

  1. Hannah

    DONT HIDE THEM AWAY IN A DRAW, i think they are super super cute! i looked back at your first post and i love the other dishes you made too!

  2. erin

    These are really interesting. I totally get what you mean about not showing makes that you’re happy with, I have definitely felt that with the 100 day project. I think many of us don’t like to look like we aren’t immediately perfect at something, to be seen as ignorant is a vulnerable position and I have yet to meet anyone that feels vulnerable.
    Personally I loved Das, especially the white air drying version, but when working with fiddly pieces it does have a tendency to fray which isn’t always ideal. Keep it up though, I am excited to see what else you create :)

    1. Katrina Post author

      Indeed. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Erin. And I have more to share – stay tuned!

  3. Fiona

    My fav is the fish! I think the most fun thing about clay is that it’s so difficult and needs so much experimenting and I actually sort of think it’s a medium you can never reach complete perfection with!

  4. mirta

    don’t hide them away, they’re rather sweet. I don’t think we should show just our good work. we should show also what make us vulnerable, we’re human beings after all, right? looking forward to see more experiments from you x

  5. Ice Pandora

    I almost (almost) post everything that I make, even the ones I
    don’t like but I’ll put a note on that too. I see it as a motivation to
    do better the next time c:
    Sometimes when you look away for a long while and return, you
    might spot a beauty in the flaws you have made! Anyway I love
    the fish clay you’ve made ^_^ it’s cute! XxIce Pandora


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