My Daily Art In May

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I mentioned in My Daily Art In April post that I struggled to come up with subject ideas but things got easier in May as I found my rhythm again after adjusting my new life in Nottingham. I seemed to be more inspired to paint botanical related subjects and the sun that finally came out got a lot to do with it!

My thoughts on being creative every day in May:

  • I have started to paint with my black indian ink. These ink paintings might not be my best work but I really enjoyed using the medium and want to continue experimenting. In this quick fern painting, I diluted the ink with water to create light grey colour for the shadows.
  • I still haven’t painted with oil that much and I have no idea why.
  • Most of my best original art are listed on the shop.
  • I still haven’t got the hang of filming myself painting but I uploaded a new speed painting video on my new YouTube channel!
  • I love that just one painting could lead up into something bigger. I painted a sprig of basil and it was received well. I then painted more herbs afterwards and with the encouragement from my audience, I turned them into a ‘Culinary Herbs’ print, and you can buy one of yourself over at my shop!

In related news, Crystal Moody – a founder of year of creative habits – launched a brand new website and picked me to be interviewed! People has been very kind saying it is great to know more about me as an artist and my work. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading it too – check it out here.

You can keep up to date with my daily art by following me on Instagram or using this IG hashtag – #ksdailyart. Thank you for your support!

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12 comments on “My Daily Art In May

  1. Cathryn Worrell

    I used to prefer painting in oils and hated watercolour but now I really enjoy watercolours and rarely use oils. I think mostly because watercolours are quick to use and oils are a bit more difficult to clean up after. It’s interesting to notice what our natural preferences are and how they change isn’t it?

    Your herbs print is beautiful, by the way!

    1. Katrina Post author

      So true! But I still love oils so much I try to paint with it when I have time. Watercolour is also cheaper, so it makes my art sellable whereas oil paintings are expensive and bulky – I did have a stall selling just oil paintings and it didn’t go well.

      Thanks so much, I am really pleased how my herb print turn out x

  2. Fiona

    I loved so much how you put all the herbs together and I think indian ink is definitely worth exploring more :) :) Fun interview to read and I’m still so impressed at your commitment to the challenge!

    1. Katrina Post author

      Thank you! Indian ink is surprisingly tricky to paint with but I love to learn. Like when I hated using watercolour and I learnt how to paint with it anyway and now I love it!

  3. erin

    Those herbs are beautiful and simple. I keep meaning to draw something other than naked women.
    I love your use of ink, it’s such a lovely medium isn’t it?


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