I have started a sketchbook!

Just recently I came to realisation that the last time I use a sketchbook seriously is when I went to university. I remember that I did take a sketchbook out and tried to get into it several of times but lost interest in the end.

With my three years old business, I have forgotten to paint or draw for myself and for the sake of fun. I only sketch when I have ideas or need new designs for my products, I actually use rough papers or battered sketchbook and bury them in the drawers when they are not needed anymore. I am a bad bad artist. So I popped in Paperchase on the other day and got myself a Moleskine sketchbook. I want to fill it with delightful drawings that are purely for me. If it gives me ideas or could turn in one of my greeting cards, then cool!

I have decided that I am going to share pictures of every page on my Instagram, even if I don’t like what I’ve drawn. It would be interesting to see how it turns out and whether I will be sticking with it or not! I really hope I will as I know it is a healthy practice for artists.

Do you sketch religiously or will you join in getting a new sketchbook and start drawing for yourself?

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17 comments on “Sketchbooking

  1. Jane Y.

    Oh I love what you’ve started here. I don’t have much talent when it comes to drawing or even lettering (my mom was an artist that that gene must’ve skipped right past me) and whenever I do try to start a little sketchbook I get so discouraged because it’s so bad! But I guess even for someone like me, practice does make perfect. Perhaps I’ll pick up that pencil and sketchbook once again :)

  2. Zoe

    I actually started out with sketching for myself in my sketchbook and then they often developed into things for the shop- but lately I have chunks of it with new products / designs and other bits that are purely fun! Creating and not having an agenda is pretty great though.

    1. Katrina Post author

      Yeah, if my sketches happen to be my new product I will be so happy! I just miss drawing for myself, not drawing and thinking of my audience.

  3. Natsha

    I love this little snap of your drawing! I used to love doing it but after finishing school I just didn’t ever feel like it after years of compulsory art work to do but I hope you keep drawing to enjoy yourself!

    The Night is Wild

  4. Fiona

    This is awesome! I’m a terrible artist too I usually just sketch ideas on random bits of paper and then they get scattered everywhere. The funny thing is I have soooo many cute notebooks too! Must change my ways!

  5. Kristien

    I’m not much of an illustrator but I do have lots of notebooks lying around. I usually keep one in my handbag for whenever inspiration strikes, it’s bit of a mess to be honest, I haven’t quite figured out a way to keep blog notes, photography ideas and jewellery sketches separate.

    I’m looking forward to see some of your sketches on Instagram!

    1. Katrina Post author

      I have a notebook dedicated only to my blog post ideas and it is brilliant. Why not have a notebook for each?

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