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I’ve just finished my fifth sketchbook. This time last year, I realised that even though I had been an artist for as long as I could remember, I had never properly owned a sketchbook – I was a hardcore perfectionist back then, so if I messed up a drawing in my sketchbook I’d tear the page off and eventually gave up with the idea of owning a sketchbook.







I was silly, wasn’t I? Sketchbook is meant to be a space for you to practise and experiment . I can’t remember what triggered it but I decided to let it go and made a pact with myself, that I’d continually own a sketchbook and draw away, no matter what is the outcome. At the beginning, it wasn’t an easy trip – I was itching to tear off some of the pages I didn’t like, but by Christmas it wasn’t difficult anymore.

However, looking back at all my sketchbooks I’ve owned, I would say I am a ‘safe’ sketch-er. I occasionally drew with pencil and then fine liner over the top so I have a neater drawing in the end. I used fine liner 99% of the time. I stuck with subjects I usually draw. Basically, I didn’t go wild in these pages.

So, I am making another goal within my intention to own sketchbooks –

Be a wild sketch-er!

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13 comments on “Keeping Sketchbooks

  1. Fiona

    Oh I can definitely relate to this, I just draw on random bits of paper and tape them into a sketchbook but I’m trying to draw directly to the sketchbook! My boyfriend, has amazing sketchbooks and it’s always been a bit inspiration to me, I love their messy feel and I love that you can be the only one to view your book if you want to :)

    1. Katrina Post author

      It is quite hard to let go of perfectionism and really remember the purpose of sketchbook, which is to just have fun!

  2. erin

    Oh hi. This is also me. It’s so frustrating isn’t it? I started a new sketchbook again and have already taken out so many pages, I never learn. I love these drawings though, especially the strawberries. I also really like the way the pages look scanned in, but that’s me being a weirdo I’m sure :)

    erin | words and pictures

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