My Stall With The London Artisan

My stall with The London Artisan was a success! I was a bit anxious whether I would sell enough to cover the cost of my stall because I didn’t in my last two market events. Before my TLA stall, I decided to improve my stall presentation and range of products. Here are changes I made:

New art browser

I realised I needed an art browser to display my prints better especially that I now have A4 and A3 prints. I actually bought a professional art browser online at first but it was bigger and heavier than I expected so I had to go to B&Q to get some hardboard cut and built it at the last minute. It was quite wonky but it worked!

Quality over quantity

Like I mentioned in this post, I feel I have too many products and some of them actually never sell. Deciding which to bring, I asked myself honestly – do I really love it? Did it sell well before? Will it look lovely framed or on the wall? It was really worth it, my stall looked fantastic with a selection of my few best work rather than everything I have.

More framed originals

I included more framed originals. It created more homely feel to my stall and I hope this helped my visitors to be able to visualise what my artwork will look like framed at their homes. I also placed two of them on a box so my stall had a height too.

New signs

My product and price labels used to be just black paper with white writing – while I liked it, I was beginning to feel that they didn’t suit my style anymore and used brown gift tags instead. My boyfriend thought that my stall looked much friendlier this time and I agree! I also made a shop like sign of my business name and tied it to the frame above. It looked really nice!

New art prints

For the first time I brought new A4 and A3 prints. These new prints with the art browser made my stall more exciting and having various sized prints definitely reached a wider audience.

I can’t confirm that these above were the reasons my stall went well, it could be because of suitable venue, type of visitors or the fact that Renegade Craft Fair was held upstairs. I will never know why exactly but the main thing is that I am having fun and will continue to strive for improvement!

If you enjoy my illustrations, please consider supporting what I do!

12 comments on “My Stall With The London Artisan

  1. Fiona

    Congratulations! I like all the new changes, especially the switch to brown tags and your cute hanging name sign, definitely makes your stall look super cosey :)

  2. Zoe

    It’s so interesting to know how it went and to see how your stall and products are changing over time and experience. I have always really struggled in the past with craft fair layouts- I imagine writing it down would have helped me to process!

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