What I’ve Learnt Being Creative Every Day For 6 Months

Last year, if you asked me if I could be creative every day, I’d laugh and tell you that I usually create something once weekly or sometimes fortnightly and that I couldn’t possibly find time to being creative every day.

Now I realise I would have been lying.

I can be creative every day. I’ve done it. I have a huge pile of paintings to prove and I look at it with amazement, I wonder why it is so often that I beat myself up for being a rubbish artist – I get up and paint for me every day, even if I have paid work to do on that day. I do realise now that I need to believe in myself and remind myself that constantly.

Why am I doing this? Discovering Crystal Moody and her inspiring lifetime project last year, I was always thinking how amazing it is to be able to paint every day and that I couldn’t possibly do that – I have a business to run…I have commissions to do…I have lots of things to do.

Toward the end of the year, I was beginning to realise that it is possible to be creative every day like Crystal, if I simply find time. Just an hour of my time. I could wake up an hour earlier. I could find an hour to paint instead of watching TV in the evenings. I could organise my day better or work smarter so I have an hour to spare.

That is it. It is already 6 months. And I am not finished. I am making this my lifetime project too. I am not finishing the year putting my paintbrush down. No way. It is a great habit to have.

Of course, it is not all perfect. I struggled. I bunked off a few days. I doubted myself. And this is okay. We are human beings. We need to cut ourselves some slack. The main thing is that I keep learning and grow as an artist.

These are what I’ve learnt in the last 6 months:

  • You get more comfortable with your own creative skills – the more you create, the better your work gets. If it doesn’t, keep going and reflecting.
  • Your mood and stress improves over time while you keep creating.
  • You understand yourself more, and what you love. You notice the recurring theme in your work and better appreciate whatever it is.
  • You connect with and inspire people when you share your daily creations, even if you are unhappy with what you made. Your work couldn’t be more natural and authentic.
  • You realise you are not perfect but it is okay. Embrace your imperfections!
  • You get braver with getting started and using new materials.
  • You get fewer and fewer burnouts. You really get into a creative habit – it is no longer a chore.
  • You feel guilty for skipping few days. You look back what you’ve done so far and stop punishing yourself. Then when you skip a day again, you smile and carry on.

My mental health isn’t the greatest this year, but without creating I could be worse off. Creativity is keeping me sane and I don’t think I’ve really realised how it is good for my mental and emotional health until recently.

I’ve had people telling me – “You are so talented, I wish I could paint like you and I can’t paint.” Thank you but you can. Just go and start. You don’t need to be talented to be an artist.

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14 comments on “What I’ve Learnt Being Creative Every Day For 6 Months

  1. mirta

    loved reading this post Katrina. You’re a great inspiration for me, you’re brave and work hard on this. I love seeing your path on IG, your daily challenges put a smile on my face.

    1. Katrina Post author

      Thanks so much for your kind words – it means a lot to me. I really appreciate your continued support too xx

  2. erin

    you’ve been doing so well, i love what you’ve been creating, and the thing about keep going until you’re happy with what you’re creating is spot on, it’s easy to get disheartened but we’ve got to push through it. congrats for finding something that can ease your mental health, i know what a ballache it can be :)

  3. Jane

    This was a great post to read, Katrina! It sounds like you’ve grown so much by creating every day, I’m glad you’re in a good place with your art.

  4. Anna

    Really enjoyed reading this! I keep telling myself the same thing – that you don’t need to be talented to be creative, which is why, when I have time, I love to doodle with watercolours even though I really can’t paint! Look forward to seeing more of your work!

  5. Johanne

    I’ve been reading and rereading portions of the War of Art by Pressfield and a passage caught my attention. He says (and I paraphrase) that we don’t create with the part of our self that hurts or needs healing, but rather with the true self that is our core.

    And your creations are beautiful.


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