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Looking back at my 5 Ways To Get Inspired post, I want to share ideas how you can do something new and get inspired. To my experience, doing something new can instantly inspire me and being inspired is really good for me – it makes me happier, work better and feel more positive.

Visit someplace new

Travel to a new country and get a change of scenery. But it doesn’t have to be a holiday or far away from home – it can be a town or park nearby you have never been to and you might be surprised. Google your hometown as if you are a tourist!

Do an adrenaline activity

It is not my thing but doing adrenaline activites does make me high with inspiration and hopefully for you too. Go-karting gets me inspired and in turn, feeling like the top of the world for days are great for my creativity and productivity. It doesn’t have to be as extreme as bungee jump or skydiving, which I would refuse to do – it can be a super fun activity like go-karting, indoor climbing or even indoor skydiving if you are terrified of heights like me!

Check out Adventure Days For Two.

Take an evening class

Hunt down for evening classes available in your local college or club and attend a class that tickles your fancy. Maybe you will eventually find another passion or hobby along the way! It is also a great way to meet new people – as Yasumi said, they never fail to surprise and inspire you even when they don’t realise it.

You can find local courses/evening classes over at Hotcourses.

Start a new project

Go on Pinterest for crafty project ideas (and don’t expect your project to end up as visually pleasing!) or any sort of projects you have been wanting to start. Don’t be afraid to start a new project that is outside your area of expertise or comfort zone. If it doesn’t go well, all what matters is that you tried and you should be proud of yourself.

As we all are individuals, I would love for you to share where you find your inspiration in the comments!

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12 comments on “Do Something New

  1. rooth

    I really need to be trying something new – a project of some sort that I haven’t done before. Or maybe inspiration will strike me whilst I’m traveling this week?

  2. Kelly Del Valle

    This is a great post :)
    Right now I’m in that anxious stage where I am feeling super inspired and have new things in the works, but there’s always something that I have to wait on! Waiting for new coursebooks, waiting for time to try out camera gear, waiting for my classroom remodel so I can decorate. I keep telling myself not to give in to wishing away the last bits of my summer vacation but I have so many ideas!!

  3. Fiona

    Visiting somewhere new always does it for me – getting out of the boring routine to get some fresh perspective/ideas!

  4. taylor

    brilliant ideas!! I love the idea of a night class..i mean LOVEEE! I would be delighted to take Italian, and really brush up on my skills. It’s been so long since I have formally learned. Duolingo (the app) sometimes just doesn’t cut it :) I also love the idea of approaching your town or city like a tourist. I do that all the time in Philly and have the most fun discovering new places.

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