5 Ways To Get Inspired

Ways to get inspired

Explore Pinterest

It also can be any other visual social media platform such as Tumblr or Instagram but personally Pinterest is the best place to look for inspiration – it provides so many great pictures and getting to its source is dead simple (clicking on the picture or “visit site” button). If you are looking for something specific, you can search hashtags.

Blogging and connecting

It is amazing how much inspiration I get since I started blogging. Through comments or blogs I follow, I keep finding inspiring people and stories. But don’t forget to connect too. I am pretty sure bloggers would love to receive a lovely email or sweet tweet!

Go outside

A breath of fresh air can really do you good. Go for a walk in the park and take photographs. Visit a museum you have been meaning to see. Go to your nearby town and window shop. Make sure you go out not because you need to buy food or supplies but because you just want to and you know you need that little break.

Do something new

On the other day I went to go-karting and even though I was rubbish at it, I weirdly got inspired! It wasn’t my usual stuff and it is always exciting doing something new every now and then. Do something you don’t usually do every day and you will get inspired. I do need to heed my own advice as I need to do this more!

Read advice books

I know some people loathe advice books but I love them, only good ones. Reading them always give me the boost I needed. If you are interested in what I read, I’d be happy to compile a list next time!

How do you get inspired?

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11 comments on “5 Ways To Get Inspired

    1. Katrina Post author

      Taking a night class sounds brilliant. I have always wanted to do life drawing classes, maybe I should start looking for one!

  1. Worshipblues

    Great tips Katrina.

    For me, I find inspiration by talking to random people. People NEVER fail to surprise and inspire me even when they don’t realise it. Watching a film from a different culture in a different language – seeing things from a different perspective is such a valuable inspiration resource for me as is – adventuring and exploring near or far. Finally – keeping a notebook and then reading it back to yourself a few years later. I surprise myself!

    1. Katrina Post author

      Thanks Yasumi! How you find your inspiration is absolutely fantastic. I do get inspired when I travel. New cultures, meeting people and such! And YOU inspire me constantly <3

    1. Katrina Post author

      Haha :) This blogpost may be obvious but I like to share! Go out for a walk in the park is my favourite.

  2. Vanessa

    Great tips Katrina! For me, lately, I’ve been trying to be more active and find inspiration in nature. Also, the weather here has been great!

  3. Jane Y.

    Great tips! It took me a while to get on Pinterest but I think I know what people meant when they say they get inspiration from there. So many pins featuring really great images and work by so many different minds. It really is a great gathering place!

  4. Sheryl Pond

    Besides your inspirational blog, listening to interviews with artists,looking at artists on Pinterest that I I admire,taking photos on a walk, and sketching at the museum.


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