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Iconic ‘Seize The Day’ Free Planner

Iconic 'Seize The Day' Free Planner 2

Iconic 'Seize The Day' Free Planner 4

Iconic 'Seize The Day' Free Planner 1

Iconic 'Seize The Day' Free Planner 3

Iconic 'Seize The Day' Free Planner 5

Choosing this planner, Iconic ‘Seize The Day’ Free Planner, from Fox & Star was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I used Bullet Journal technique for years so I didn’t have a proper planner or diary and I was starting to miss it.

There are monthly and weekly layouts, enough for a year. They are undated so you can start using it anytime. In monthly section, I write down events, reminders etc and in weekly section, I write down to-do list daily. I started this planner just three weeks ago and I found this system to really work for me already. There is also a free note section, which is always useful.

The appearance is a massive bonus – the cover is textured that feels nice and sturdy. Look at that pretty pattern inside! There are see through pockets inside too so I can store recent receipts or business cards.

I am clearly very pleased with my new planner! What is your current planner like?

What I Bought In Designers/Makers Market

Dorry Spikes

Like my Made In Camberwell stall, I managed to leave Aneurin to man my Designers/Makers stall and looked around and said hello to stallholders.

While I would just buy everything, I only could afford a beautiful art print by Dorry Spikes. Approaching to her stall, I immediately fell in love with her big scale paintings. They were so detailed and full of character. I knew I had to buy something from her and being typically indecisive, I was standing there for ages and trying to choose which one! I ultimately chose a print of The Owl Service (above).

Stalls I also saw and loved:

Edith Ceramics
i am acrylic
Mind The Cork
Emily Eggz

Made In Camberwell Arts Market // My Purchases


When I had my stall in Camberwell Feast, I had a chance to walk around and bought myself some goodies. I would have bought way more than this but I only had £50 budget at that time. I have collected business cards so I can browse their online shops on the other time!

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