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Christmas Cards 2017

A couple of weeks ago I launched my new Christmas cards! This time I have two sets of four different designs.

When I started thinking about my designs for this year, I wanted to pay homage to my first Christmas designs from 2014 and give them a similar feel – the pastel coloured background in particular, which was the most praised feature at that time. The actual illustration on each design is different from the old ones but the style is similar, and better after three years of practice! The most similar design is the robin one, which I repainted because I felt it needs to be updated.

I didn’t plan to do two sets of cards originally, but one day I spontaneously painted abstract trees, which became my Christmas Forest design. I was focusing on green and blue colours and realised it would actually work well as a Christmas card so I carried on painting with more colours and created another three designs with an abstract theme.

I think I ended up preferring this second set in the end but I do still love my first set with more realistic paintings – so I printed both of them!

I also ordered special luxurious gift tags using elements of my abstract Christmas card set, which are available to buy as a pack of four. What makes them special are that they are folded gift tags with rounded corners. I added beautiful different colours on the back to go with each design. I also tied them with pretty green/white and red/white baker’s twines. All the Christmassy feels!

Which design do you like the best? I am loving Christmas Forest, or maybe Mistletoe most of all so far.

P.S. all my cards are also available in packs of 4 and 12 cards! Why not have a look at my Christmas shop?

Northern Craft Summer Fair & More Market Tips

My last stall with Northern Craft went really well, in fact it proved to be the most successful stall I have ever traded at. I was surprised and so pleased. I was always wondering why I never had as successful a trading day as my first ever stall with Camberwell Arts but I finally overtook my personal best with my Northern Craft stall. Growing my business is paramount so I have been reflecting on why it was a success – I made three changes to my stall and I have no doubt they made a huge difference to my fortune on the day.

New card reader

I made an impromptu decision to buy a card reader few days before the market, which arrived just in time – minutes before we left for Leeds! I printed out a ‘we accept cards’ sign and placed it at eye level on my stall. I didn’t miss out any sales from people that liked my products but didn’t have the cash, because they could simply pay by card – and contactless too! And when I looked at my sales figures the next day, card sales accounted for two thirds of my sales, both in terms of revenue and number of individual purchases. I think this may be the biggest reason why this stall was successful.

More greeting cards

People love greeting cards. My card display rack was always quite bare in the past, and this time I had more greeting cards, enough to completely fill the display rack. I ran a 4-for-£10 offer and my cards flew off the shelves.

Add more height to my stall

I had a bit of height in my previous stall by arranging some framed art on boxes, but I eventually decided they are not tall enough! So I invested in three wooden boxes from IKEA and stacked them up. I think my stall looked a lot more exciting than before. I filled the boxes with some Observers’ books, notepads, and a framed original (which I sold!) I know it made a difference as there were positive remarks about them from the visitors.

Northern Craft market had such a great attendance with really engaged visitors and a buzzing atmosphere (with a bar on the floor below!) which definitely contributed to my stall success. Their promotion before the event was effective too. The (very reasonable) stall fee has turned out to be worthwhile in the end.

I said getting a new card reader may be the biggest reason why this stall was successful and it will be interesting to see if it is still useful when I do more markets between now and Christmas. I have four or maybe five markets lined up, including Northern Craft in October!

I hope you find my notes useful. I have written my market tips in those posts if you haven’t read yet:

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Have you sold your products in the market before? How do you make it a success?

‘Grow’ Collaboration

 Photos above belong to Brynn & Co

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may know this already but I am so excited to announce my collaboration with an embroidery artist, Amanda of Brynn & Co!

She first approached me to say that she loved my plant paintings and wanted to collaborate with me to create a plant-y design to sell as an embroidery kit. Of course, being a crazy plant lady and always on the lookout for exciting opportunities, I said yes! We talked about her vision of what the design would look like and I started sketching ideas. Happily, she absolutely loved my first draft so I painted it with watercolour and sent over a scan for her to base the embroidery on. I think this is the most exciting bit – seeing my painting come alive as embroidery art, a form I’ve always admired.

Like Amanda said, we couldn’t be happier with the results and we hope you are too!

‘GROW’ embroidery PDF pattern
‘GROW’ embroidery kit

Drawing Wild Flowers For 100 Days

I joined The 100 Day Project again! I did handlettering last year and this year I am drawing wild flowers. I decided to use my Lamy fountain pen and Seawhite sketchbook for this project.

Originally I wanted to paint them all but I realised it’d take a lot of time away from my other work, so I hope to find time to turn some of my favourites into paintings eventually!

I post my 100 day project on my Instagram every day, please follow along if you like them!



I love seeing what other artists are up to with their 100 day projects and I really enjoy these above – what’s not to like about little animal paintings about friendships and smiley kawaii produce!