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Recent Purchases From Small Businesses

Modern Botanics

Modern Botanics

Cathryn Worrell

Cathryn Worrell

Lily Anja

Lily Anya

I had a little collection of art cards and prints to put up on my studio wall front of my desk but there wasn’t enough to fill out the space, so I bought originals and prints from three of my favourite artists – Mirta from Modern Botanics, Cathryn Worrell, and Lily Anya (click links below images to visit their shops). This is what my wall look like so far, but I will be sharing better pictures when I blog about my studio soon. It is really nice to see those special pieces every day, knowing that they were made by genuinely lovely people I admire.

Shop them:
Leaves and Pods Lino Print
Set of Two Hand Printed Botanical Postcards (similar)
Marmite Art Print
Original Hand Printed Feather Lino Print
Mushroom Original Lino Print

Have you bought from small businesses recently?

Colourful Oil Paintings By Martyna Zoltaszek

Martyna Zoltaszek Artwork 1

Martyna Zoltaszek Artwork 2

Martyna Zoltaszek Artwork 3

Martyna Zoltaszek Artwork 4

Martyna Zoltaszek Artwork 5

I found Martyna Zoltaszek‘s beautiful work when I visited my sister in Bristol. She showed me the famous Stokes Croft’s independant shops that sells art and handmade gifts and walking in one of them, these vibrant paintings caught my eyes and I bought couple of her cards in no time.

I love how she chose to paint with exciting palette of colours and that the colours across each painting are in harmony. In this very moment, her art is making me want to experiment with colour more in my illustrations. I would try painting one of my herbs in, erm, blue and see how it turns out!

Other than her wonderful use of colour, I have a penchant for big cats and plant life so naturally these paintings are pretty much perfect to me.

More of Martyna and her work:


Collage Art By Fiona Clabon

Collage Art Fiona Clabon 1

Collage Art Fiona Clabon 2

Collage Art Fiona Clabon 5

Collage Art Fiona Clabon 4

Collage Art Fiona Clabon 3

These delightful collages immediately caught my eyes when I was exploring Instagram and ever since her account has been one of my favourites!

Fiona Clabon is a collage illustrator from Bristol and her creative process is unique – from her love for printmaking, she creates coloured textured papers by pressing a piece of paper down onto rolled out ink and when dry, she cuts them up to make illustrations. How amazing is that! But Fiona explains her creative process so much better than me so do read her “My Making” page.

What I love about her illustrations the most is texture, it makes every detail of the picture interesting and beautiful. I love her use of colour too.

I have recently set up a Pinterest board all about collage art because I have been dreaming of doing a collage piece for myself lately but because I haven’t done any since uni (7 years ago!), I am little afraid to start!

More of Fiona and her work:


Painted Envelopes By Lucy Halcomb

Lucy Halcomb Painted Envelopes
It makes me smile every time I see one of these painted envelopes on my IG feed. It is Lucy Halcomb that painted these cute illustrations on brightly (mostly) coloured envelopes. I love the way she paints the subjects – they are illustrative, bold, and playful. Knowing me, her food illustration are the ones that I love the most. I am so glad to have found her project and I hope you are too!

Artist In The Limelight: Joanna Payne

I am glad to have found Joanna, she is ever so bubbly and lovely to follow especially on Instagram! I really like all the colours and patterns she made in her handmade accessories. Her blog is pretty awesome too!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi my name’s Joanna and I’m the face behind Adventures and Tea Parties, a blog and online shop selling handmade accessories. I recently returned, after spending 8 years in London, to my university city of Leicester, looking for a calmer, less expensive and hectic life and to focus more time on my creative pursuits. I haven’t looked back since and have just gone part-time on the day job as a Librarian, so that I can dedicate more time to my shop.

How did you become an artist?

I’ve always been making, designing, creating and crafting but never truly focused or found my passion until my late twenties. As a kid I would make entire board games and work my way through embroidery kits obsessively. As a teenager I was forever up-cycling my school bag and redesigning my bedroom. I remember getting really annoyed with friends, who would see my latest bedroom make-over and promptly copy it. I would rush home and instantly re-design it. That makes me laugh now; I should have been pleased! In my twenties I kind of left my creative side behind as I became focused on my new life in London, going to gigs, exploring the big smoke and training to be a Librarian. After about 4 years in London my dormant creative side suddenly woke up when my London flat mate brought home a sewing machine one day. After she showed me how it worked, I couldn’t keep away from it or the local fabric shop. As much as a cliché at this might sound, it was then that I realised something had been missing from my life for too long – the need to design, create and make. Since then it is now a part of my daily life, it is who I am and I couldn’t imagine my life without it. Profile

How would you describe your art?

I would describe my creations as colourful, alternative and fun. Tartan necklaces

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Artist In The Limelight: Chloe Hall

Again, thanks to Twitter, I discovered the lovely work of an illustrator from Leicester, Chloe Hall. I adore her work, especially that she adds embroidery on her illustrations. I thought it is very clever and bold thing to do.

 Hey Chloe! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hello! My name is Chloe Hall, with help from De Montfort University’s Enterprise Inc scheme I have been able to do what I love and start a business as a freelance illustrator! I live in Leicester, and have recently turned my shed into a little studio to do all my drawing, making and tea drinking.

How did you become an artist?

I didn’t really have a set plan to become an artist, I studied graphic design & art at A Level, enjoyed it a lot so decided to carry it onto a foundation course, thats when I realised I really wanted to do art as a career and went onto complete a degree in Graphic Design & Illustration, which was really fun! I was then fortunate enough to get a place on the Enterprise Inc Scheme through De Montfort and I haven’t really stopped drawing since I finished uni!

How would you describe your art?

My art I would say is quite delicate, hand crafted and often humorous, I like adding textile elements into my work to give it more detail.
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Artist In The Limelight: Eloise Georgia Mae

So glad to have Eloise as July’s Artist In The Limelight, she is a talented artist and fun blogger!

Hey Eloise! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Well hi! My name is Eloise Georgia Mae, I am currently hanging out in little New Zealand finishing up my bachelors in visual arts soon to start my honours. I have 5 siblings and 2 dogs and 2 turtles. I’m better at talking than writing. When I’m not making art I spend my days with pruned hands teaching swimming.

Eloise Georgia Mae Artist In The Limelight 1

How did you become an artist?

I actually kind of fell into art, I’ve always been the creative child, the ‘bright child’ but it wasn’t until late in highschool that I realised I did have an inkling of talent and so I basically just walked into an art degree with one eye open.

How would you describe your art?

My practise is always in a state of flux. On any given day it can be messy and heavy or delicate and laboured. But always very gestural.
Eloise Georgia Mae Artist In The Limelight 4

Who or what inspires your work?

Things I touch inspire my work. I like working with my hands so it’s different things that I come across by way of touch. Also shapes are a biggy, not necessarily what that shape belongs to.

What is your favourite piece you have ever produced?

I guess it would be this green piece {on the left}… I have had many offers for it but i just can’t bring myself to part from it.

Who is your favourite artist if you have one?

I really don’t have one but currently I am taken with Kathy Butterly’s work and will forever love De Kooning.

What advice or tips would you share with a fellow artist?

Take a break when you need a break. I can literally not make art for weeks but there is nothing worse than a work that is subpar and contrived (unpopular opinion). Do something different. Throw yourself into research. And most of all, my favourite saying “you do you”.

Thanks Eloise for wicked answers!

Her little ceramics are just lovely, aren’t they? Do follow her on her blog, Facebook pageTwitter and Instagram.

Interested to be involved in this series? Get in touch! You can be photographer, sculptor, illustrator, printmaker, knitter etc too. Meet the rest of artists here.