January 2016

Manchester Craft & Design Centre



Last November, we visited Manchester for Aneurin’s second Algorave gig. While he was in the hotel room getting prepared for his big night, I took an opportunity to explore the city, with Manchester Craft & Design Centre on the top of my list.

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My 2016 Goal

A New Year of Creative Habits
I have one big goal for the new year.

I am painting every single day in 2016. I don’t usually paint every day because with running a business, I have a lot more things to do than just to paint but this year I am going to make time to paint every day.

I can hear you ask why? Well, I am an extremely slow painter. Because it usually takes me a month to complete a commission, I wasn’t earning as much as I should so I wanted to practise to paint faster without compromising quality. I hope that this project to paint a piece just for an hour daily will force me to learn how to paint faster, to be a confident painter basically. I have the whole year to commit so I hope that at the end of the year I will be able to paint a beautiful portrait in a week or two!

I won’t be doing this alone. I signed up to a course run by Crystal Moody, called A New Year of Creative Habits. I am in Facebook group with the rest of participants and it has been fantastic so far introducing each other and sharing our pictures. I am also receiving well-written, motivational and inspiring emails from Crystal herself.

I will be painting still life, foliage or portraits with oil or watercolour, and sharing pictures across social media, my Instagram mainly.

Knowing that I will be needing some days off sometimes in the next few months due to our big move this February, I gave myself a permission to draw if time is limited and I did! Whilst out house hunting on the other day, I managed to draw something for 15 minutes on the train and it felt good to be able to be creative everywhere. Challenging myself to draw in public last September is proving useful!

You will be able to follow my painting-a-day project using this hashtag on Instagram – #ksdailyart. You can see the rest of participants’ daily work with this hashtag – #yoch2016.

I would love to have a weekly project as well but I haven’t thought about what it is going to be. Do you have a big goal this year, and what is it?

My Handlettering

I started my handlettering experiment about two years ago. It started with a friend remarking that my handwriting was gorgeous and since I have always admired handlettering kind of illustrations, I gave it a try out of curiosity. It was for fun at the start, knowing that I have not found my style yet but until this autumn – I got commissioned to design a wedding stationery and 1st birthday party invitation because the clients loved my handlettering “portfolio” I occasionally posted on my Instagram. When they got in touch asking me to use my awesome handlettering skills to design their invitations, I was terrified but being brilliant at giving myself a pep talk, I said yes with no regrets. I am sharing a selection of handlettering I did in 2015, including the commissioned ones. I hope you like them!

you had me at hello

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Reflecting on 2015

Happy New YearHappy New Year, friends!

Because I am still thinking about what my 2016 goals are going to be, I am sharing what I have been up to in 2015 today and I would love to know about your 2015 too so if you had written a similar post – share in the comments below!

Although there were some tough times, I have had an amazing year and I have you guys, my family, boyfriend, and friends to thank to for the support I get throughout the year – it really made a difference to my confidence and motivation. Thank you!

I hope you had a great time last night celebrating New Year (I am so paying for that cheap bottle of wine) and have a wonderful 2016. Lots of love.