August 2015

What I Bought In Designers/Makers Market

Dorry Spikes

Like my Made In Camberwell stall, I managed to leave Aneurin to man my Designers/Makers stall and looked around and said hello to stallholders.

While I would just buy everything, I only could afford a beautiful art print by Dorry Spikes. Approaching to her stall, I immediately fell in love with her big scale paintings. They were so detailed and full of character. I knew I had to buy something from her and being typically indecisive, I was standing there for ages and trying to choose which one! I ultimately chose a print of The Owl Service (above).

Stalls I also saw and loved:

Edith Ceramics
i am acrylic
Mind The Cork
Emily Eggz

Designers/Makers In Old Spitalfields Market

Last Saturday I had my stall in Old Spitalfields Market with Designers/Makers!

It went quite well but it wasn’t the success I hoped for. I didn’t sell enough to cover the cost of my stall. I wondered why it didn’t go as well as my last two market events – it can be the different audience, my presentation, bad luck or several reasons combined.

I did have a wonderful day in the end – I met a lot of lovely artists, visitors that bought my art and gave me compliments. I also had a few surprise visits from my friends!

Apart from the backdrop (I didn’t realise that I would need one!), I love how my stall looked. I improved it from my previous stall by adding an info board detailing what my stall is about and materials I use etc. I also provided a basket for my originals, which was a lot better than awkward sized box I used for the last two market events. I brought my three small succulents as decorations rather than two big ish plants that wouldn’t survive the journey as we had to take public transport. Thankfully I had Aneurin helping me with carrying heavy stuff to there and back!

If I were to apply to trade there again or markets with pricey stall cost, I will need to think about if it is worth another risk or how I can sell better.

Please don’t let this honest post put you off from applying to trade with Designers/Makers! I have seen some stalls there that were selling like wildfire! It really depends on what products you sell, the presentation of your stall or whether the market and its audience is suitable for your business. As always, whether it is a success or not, you will learn something from it and be better next time.



I have started a sketchbook!

Just recently I came to realisation that the last time I use a sketchbook seriously is when I went to university. I remember that I did take a sketchbook out and tried to get into it several of times but lost interest in the end.

With my three years old business, I have forgotten to paint or draw for myself and for the sake of fun. I only sketch when I have ideas or need new designs for my products, I actually use rough papers or battered sketchbook and bury them in the drawers when they are not needed anymore. I am a bad bad artist. So I popped in Paperchase on the other day and got myself a Moleskine sketchbook. I want to fill it with delightful drawings that are purely for me. If it gives me ideas or could turn in one of my greeting cards, then cool!

I have decided that I am going to share pictures of every page on my Instagram, even if I don’t like what I’ve drawn. It would be interesting to see how it turns out and whether I will be sticking with it or not! I really hope I will as I know it is a healthy practice for artists.

Do you sketch religiously or will you join in getting a new sketchbook and start drawing for yourself?

The Great British Bake Off Illustration

The Great British Bake Off Illustration

I was so excited for The Great British Bake Off’s new series on Wednesday that I painted the logo with the faces of Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood!

As I rarely painted portraits with watercolour (I predominantly use oil for portraits), I don’t think I am quite there in term of likeness but I am happy enough because they are at least recognisable, right? I was tempted to paint them all over again but since it have taken me a long time to complete the illustration and that it is just for fun, I thought I shouldn’t fret about it too much.

In case you are wondering where I am at with my business at the moment – my commission listing is currently closed due to wanting to focus on my blog, shop and admin work as well as self development after neglecting them. I am also redefining my commission service and hoping to reopen this autumn (or possibly in the New Year) with a new dedicated page. While I love painting commissions, it is quite refreshing to be able to do everything else that also needs attention and I want to reopen the listing with an intention to improve my time managment. Tips? Send them my way!