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Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

I was dropping off the car (read the full story here) in Kew Bridge and since I was far away from home, I thought I may as well make the most of the day and visit Kew Gardens that was nearby! Luckily I brought my Nikon F4 and the weather was perfect – it wasn’t too hot or too cold. But after the busy weekend in New Forest, I was exhausted and didn’t cover everything so I am definitely coming back again one day, bringing Aneurin with me!

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Made In Camberwell Arts Market // My Purchases

When I had my stall in Camberwell Feast, I had a chance to walk around and bought myself some goodies. I would have bought way more than this but I only had £50 budget at that time. I have collected business cards so I can browse their online shops on the other time!


I bought those gorgeous Silver Textured Square Earrings from the lovely Carol from CMcB Jewellery, which was also my stall neighbour! I am not big on jewellery but when I do buy them, they have to be light and delicate.


Sadly when I bought these cards full with gorgeous colours and shapes, there were no business cards on the stall or including in my purchase (to my realisation much later) and the website address I found on the back of cards is not working. Looking at the website address, the business is probably called AJ Pon Paper. I love the cards so much that I am considering to keep them to myself and frame them!


The stall (also neighbour!) called Saboon Alee was the most lovely smelling stall in Camberwell Feast – there were so many organic handmade soaps in various scents and after a long time of deciding, I finally went for Lavender one!


Proud to have lived very near Camberwell for 12 years before I moved in Lee, I bought this canvas bag from Camberwell Feast merchandise stall. It is designed by Mini Moderns. So glad to see Carravaggio on there, my favourite Italian restaurant in the whole world.


Seeing this Colour-in London Poster by The City Works being coloured in on the stall, I bought it without a doubt! It is going to be fun when I start colouring in and hang it up on my studio’s wall.

I love that I always get extra excited when I buy things from small businesses. The fact that they were made by one or few talented individuals and with love, makes them special. And I know when I buy things from them, it makes them very happy like I get very happy when you buy my creations!