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Katrina Sophia Is 3!


The last 3 years have been quite a rollercoaster ride, especially in 2014 when I started selling cards and then a lot of great opportunities came. It has been a big, unpredictable journey and I am truly looking forward to continue developing my business.

Year 1

I was very lucky with my situation when I started my business, my family was incredibly supportive and I already had a studio shed in the back garden filled with enough materials to get myself started. With no start up money, my business started slow with commission work.

Year 2

My business was still pretty slow but I was still painting commissions and coming up with ideas. I also went to live in Germany for almost 2 months over the summer and painted every day. Later the year, I was able to get my illustrations printed on cards and started selling.

Year 3

It was the year when it started to get busy. I got a new website and launched new collection of cards and prints. I also got commissioned by Tesco Food couple of times and five of my products got stocked by Indiecana. Over the festive months, I successfully sold my first ever Christmas cards, had a Christmas market stall and painted 4 commissions. Towards the end of year 3, I moved my business into a new studio in our new house (I have my super generous boyfriend to thank to for making it happen) and started working on new commissions.


Dividing my time between painting a commission and designing new collections, I am prepping for the market next month!

While I mostly focus on painting commissions and designing collections for sale, I have been doing some photography work on the side – I have had amazing opportunities in the past, such as photographing the wedding in France, behind the scenes fashion shoot and charity night events. As a keen photographer, I hope to have more opportunities like these in the future!

Lastly, I’d like to say a massive thank you to my family, boyfriend, friends, customers, readers and supporters for your much appreciated support during my three year journey, which means so much to me that I feel like I could thank you forever!

Latest Artwork // Clownfish


I took a day off working on my commissions and painted this. I love how vivid the colours are, thanks to the new Japanese watercolour – Gansai Tambi by Kuretake. This clownfish is potentially going to be in one of my collections I am creating at the moment.

Made In Camberwell Arts Market Summer 2015

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I am excited to announce that I will be at Made In Camberwell Arts market again on Saturday 20th June as a stallholder! I will be selling my current art products as well as new collections and original paintings. Despite being nervous and shy at the most of time, I had an amazing time behind the stall last year at the Christmas market and it has given me the confidence to continue to sell outside my online shop. Unfortunately I am not having much luck with other markets but I always said that I will keep going and I will!

If you happen to be in London that day, I will be delightful to meet you, everybody else involved will be too. I am an extremely shy person so if you are shy too, no worries we can be shy together! Aneurin and my family will be around to interpret for me.

If you are a creative like me, why not apply too. The closing date is 28th May so you have 2 weeks left to apply! There is also a new exhibition happening called The Camberwell Open showcasing artwork of artists based in, or associated with Camberwell. I want to enter but with couple of commissions I am working on currently, I am not sure if I can find time to paint something for the exhibition but the deadline isn’t until 31st May so I’ll see what happens nearer the time.

Have a read of what Camberwell Arts’ this year festival is all about here. The image above is what my Christmas market stall last year looked like!

5 Ways To Get Inspired

Ways to get inspired

Explore Pinterest

It also can be any other visual social media platform such as Tumblr or Instagram but personally Pinterest is the best place to look for inspiration – it provides so many great pictures and getting to its source is dead simple (clicking on the picture or “visit site” button). If you are looking for something specific, you can search hashtags.

Blogging and connecting

It is amazing how much inspiration I get since I started blogging. Through comments or blogs I follow, I keep finding inspiring people and stories. But don’t forget to connect too. I am pretty sure bloggers would love to receive a lovely email or sweet tweet!

Go outside

A breath of fresh air can really do you good. Go for a walk in the park and take photographs. Visit a museum you have been meaning to see. Go to your nearby town and window shop. Make sure you go out not because you need to buy food or supplies but because you just want to and you know you need that little break.

Do something new

On the other day I went to go-karting and even though I was rubbish at it, I weirdly got inspired! It wasn’t my usual stuff and it is always exciting doing something new every now and then. Do something you don’t usually do every day and you will get inspired. I do need to heed my own advice as I need to do this more!

Read advice books

I know some people loathe advice books but I love them, only good ones. Reading them always give me the boost I needed. If you are interested in what I read, I’d be happy to compile a list next time!

How do you get inspired?