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Burgess Park



Burgess Park is just 20 mins walk down the road from where I live, ashamedly I haven’t been there despite living in the area for over a decade. This morning, I woke up and decided to visit with my Nikon D700.

And I can’t believe I didn’t visit sooner! It is truly a nice park, even with miserable weather this morning. The park was so big that I didn’t explore fully, I will definitely visit it again from Camberwell entrance.

I wasn’t aware that there was a huge lake. I was happy when I saw it and said hello to the ducks.

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White Walls

white walls interior 4

For the last couple of weeks, Aneurin and I started looking for a better place to move in this March. While viewing the flats, I realised that the only colour I like on the wall is white. White walls. Some of the flats we viewed were really lovely but there was always one thing that was bothering me – their walls weren’t white.

white walls interior 2

white walls interior 3

white walls interior 1

white walls interior 5

I know! That is really fussy of me. But white matches everything. White walls always look very clean and with a good light, they brighten the room.

To be clear, that doesn’t mean I am closed minded and will only move in the flat with white walls. I am fine with other colours, as long as it is clean. I am grateful that I have a roof over my head. If I ever win a lottery (wishful thinking) and buy my dream house, I would totally paint all the walls white!

Our current home actually has white walls but we decided to move out due to several of unsolved problems. Too many to list but I’ll tell you one of them – NO windows can be opened so basically we couldn’t get any fresh air inside and you can guess how we’ve suffered over the summer!

What colour do you like on your walls?

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Christmas Commissions


Now that Christmas is over, I can finally share what I’ve painted/ drawn for the last few months! This one was my first commission – I’ve always enjoyed painting black and white only pictures and am keen to do that more. I painted it with oil.

Take a look at the rest of the commissions on my new portfolio page that still need a lot of updating:

Yasmin + Reyes
Ash Family

To my delight, all my clients loved their new pictures and were thrilled to give them to their loved ones! One of the receivers actually contacted me directly and thanked me. Gave me a big smile!

Reflecting on 2014

It is hard to describe how my 2014 went. It was amazing, I had a lot of exciting things happening but on the other hand my confidence was terribly low, I was struggling to be positive and brave. Entering 2015, I see it as an opportunity to kick myself in the bum and start believing in myself.

I started the year selling my first set of cards.

I behind-the-scenes photographed an exciting fashion shoot in Manchester.

I decluttered my studio.

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Hello 2015


Wow, it is the new year already! 2014 was one hard and amazing year but that is a whole another story.

My 2014 new year resolutions didn’t go as planned – be more organised and healthy – and instead of writing down all the excuses I’ve been telling myself, I will accept that it didn’t work out and try harder with this year’s resolutions. Go me!

Eat healthier

I need to cut down sugar and eat in smaller portions.

Improve my time management

When I took on one too many commissions for the last few months, anything else in my life nearly didn’t exist and as much as I love painting, I need exercise, blogging, social life etc. I thought I was going crazy!

Do more nice things

I want to visit more exhibitions and new places. Sometimes I feel my budget doesn’t allow me to do that as much as I want to but I do realise I can do things cheaply or at least put a certain amount of money aside monthly and use that savings to visit someplace new.

Sounds good? Tell me yours!